Danielle Davis, MD

Clinical Instructor, Medicine

Danielle Davis
72 East Concord Street


Dr. Davis is a resident in Internal Medicine at Boston Medical Center and is an NIH R38 grant recipient in the Promoting Research in Medical Residency (PRIMER) program. As a resident clinician-investigator, Dr. Davis is interested in using large data bases in order to further characterize the pathophysiology and clinical outcomes of heart failure. Dr. Davis received her MD from the University of Colorado School of Medicine.



  • Published on 1/12/2022

    Davis DN, Ross LK, Feng Z, Imber R, Hogan C, Young HL. Preincision versus postincision frequent door openings during total joint arthroplasty. Antimicrob Steward Healthc Epidemiol. 2022; 2(1):e2. PMID: 36310772.

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  • Published on 3/18/2011

    Davis DP, Salazar A, Chan TC, Vilke GM. Prospective evaluation of a clinical decision guideline to diagnose spinal epidural abscess in patients who present to the emergency department with spine pain. J Neurosurg Spine. 2011 Jun; 14(6):765-70. PMID: 21417700.

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  • Published on 2/14/2008

    Tornabene SV, Deutsch R, Davis DP, Chan TC, Vilke GM. Evaluating the use and timing of opioids for the treatment of migraine headaches in the emergency department. J Emerg Med. 2009 May; 36(4):333-7. PMID: 18280084.

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  • Published on 6/13/2007

    Firestone D, Wos A, Killeen JP, Chan TC, Guluma K, Davis DP, Vilke GM. Can urine dipstick be used as a surrogate for serum creatinine in emergency department patients who undergo contrast studies? J Emerg Med. 2007 Aug; 33(2):119-22. PMID: 17692759.

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  • Published on 4/5/2007

    Ma G, Davis DP, Schmitt J, Vilke GM, Chan TC, Hayden SR. The sensitivity and specificity of transcricothyroid ultrasonography to confirm endotracheal tube placement in a cadaver model. J Emerg Med. 2007 May; 32(4):405-7. PMID: 17499695.

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  • Published on 3/7/2007

    Davis DP, Fisher R, Aguilar S, Metz M, Ochs G, McCallum-Brown L, Ramanujam P, Buono C, Vilke GM, Chan TC, Dunford JV. The feasibility of a regional cardiac arrest receiving system. Resuscitation. 2007 Jul; 74(1):44-51. PMID: 17346870.

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  • Published on 1/1/2007

    Bernstein E, Bernstein J, Feldman J, Fernandez W, Hagan M, Mitchell P, Safi C, Woolard R, Mello M, Baird J, Lee C, Bazargan-Hejazi S, Broderick K, Laperrier KA, Kellermann A, Wald MM, Taylor RE, Walton K, Grant-Ervin M, Rollinson D, Edwards D, Chan T, Davis D, Buchanan Marshall J, Aseltine R, James A, Schilling E, Abu-Hasaballah K, Baumann BM, Boudreaux ED, Maio RF, Cunningham RM, Murrell T, Doezema D, Anglin D, Eliassen A, Martin M, Pines J, Buchanan L, Turner J, D'Onofrio G, Degutis LC, Owens P. An evidence based alcohol screening, brief intervention and referral to treatment (SBIRT) curriculum for emergency department (ED) providers improves skills and utilization. Subst Abus. 2007; 28(4):79-92. PMID: 18077305.

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  • Published on 1/1/2007

    Soroudi A, Shipp HE, Stepanski BM, Ray LU, Murrin PA, Chan TC, Davis DP, Vilke GM. Adult foreign body airway obstruction in the prehospital setting. Prehosp Emerg Care. 2007; 11(1):25-9. PMID: 17169872.

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  • Published on 7/1/2005

    Davis DP, Grossman K, Kiggins DC, Vilke GM, Chan TC. The inadvertent administration of anticoagulants to ED patients ultimately diagnosed with thoracic aortic dissection. Am J Emerg Med. 2005 Jul; 23(4):439-42. PMID: 16032607.

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  • Published on 3/1/2005

    Vilke GM, Chan TC, Dunford JV, Metz M, Ochs G, Smith A, Fisher R, Poste JC, McCallum-Brown L, Davis DP. The three-phase model of cardiac arrest as applied to ventricular fibrillation in a large, urban emergency medical services system. Resuscitation. 2005 Mar; 64(3):341-6. PMID: 15733764.

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