Aram V. Kaligian, MD

Assistant Professor, Family Medicine

Aram Kaligian


A graduate of the Family Medicine Residency Program here at BMC, Dr. Kaligian joined the faculty with a practice based at Harvard Street Neighborhood Health Center in Dorchester. Dr. Kaligian currently practices at South Boston Community Health Center. He graduated from the University of Massachusetts/Amherst with a double major in Biochemistry and English, and received his MD and MPH degrees from Tufts University School of Medicine. In between, he worked as an activist mobilizing political, economic and humanitarian support for Armenians in the earthquake-zone in Armenia, and in the war-zone in Nagorno-Karabagh. He has also worked as a graphic designer, journalist, and medical editor. He conducted a public health study in Nagorno-Karabagh in 1998, and has served as a board member of the Armenia Immunization 2000 Fund.


  • Tufts University School of Medicine, MD
  • Tufts University School of Medicine, MPH
  • University of Massachusetts Amherst, BA
  • University of Massachusetts Amherst, BS


  • Published on 5/15/1988

    Böni-Schnetzler M, Kaligian A, DelVecchio R, Pilch PF. Ligand-dependent intersubunit association within the insulin receptor complex activates its intrinsic kinase activity. J Biol Chem. 1988 May 15; 263(14):6822-8. PMID: 2834392.

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