Admissions Policies and Standing Committees

Admissions Policies and Standing Committees

Policy Statement

The members of the Committee on Admissions represent a broad cross-section of the faculty of the Chobanian & Avedisian School of Medicine. The Executive Admissions Committee is a subgroup of highly experienced Admissions Committee members who have additional admissions committee responsibilities (described in detail in our process below) and who have final authority for all admissions decisions. Each member of the Admissions Committee required to complete a periodic training and orientation program and sign an annual Confidentiality and Conflict of Interest Agreement. This ensures that all applicants are treated in a fair and equitable manner and that all decisions are made in accordance with established institutional goals and procedures.

At all phases of consideration, evaluation of individual applications is supported by written guidelines for comprehensive and holistic review. Upon completion, applications are referred to a group of experienced reviewers who select candidates for interview. The reviewers train each year in the application of a standard set of guidelines, practice using challenging cases from prior cycles, and meet periodically to ensure consistency. The Associate Dean for Admissions provides ongoing oversight and supervision of the review process.

Committee members are trained to carry out a structured interview, guided by a BUSM-developed report tool which reflects our institutional mission, vision, and values. Interviewers complete a comprehensive applicant assessment and interview report (AAIR), guided by a detailed scoring rubric. The AAIR becomes part of the applicant file and is critical to the final disposition decision made by the Committee.

The Committee meets, on a periodic basis, to assess interviewed candidates. These detailed assessments are conducted by Selection Teams of 3-5 committee members, with each team being guided by a team leader. The team leaders, experienced members of the Committee, record the decisions, with supporting notes, in the applicant files. The teams may pose questions or request additional information and the Associate Dean then follows up with the team leader once the information has been obtained.

The Executive Admissions Committee (EAC) includes approximately 15 members who are team leaders and directors of the various special pathways programs, and is chaired by the Associate Dean. When space is available on the EAC, membership is open to any Admissions Committee member who has met committee requirements (for interview numbers and training) for three years and who wishes to take on the additional responsibilities of being a team leader and participating in admissions CQI. Membership of the EAC will be overseen and approved by the Committee on Committees. The EAC meets periodically to review all decisions made by all selection teams. The EAC may modify decisions based on new information on candidates, on relative comparison of decisions recommended by the different selection teams, and in order to ensure a diverse and balanced incoming class. No decision is final until affirmed by the EAC, which has final authority for all admission and advanced standing decisions for all doctoral programs of the Chobanian & Avedisian School of Medicine which incorporate the MD degree. The EAC formally votes on every candidate that has interviewed and has a complete application.

Covered Parties

Admissions Committee Members
Executive Admissions Committee Members

Responsible Parties

Associate Dean for Admissions


Annual report to the BUSM Executive Committee

Relevant LCME Element(s): 10.02-3

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[Approved by the BUSM Executive Committee in September 2017. Revised by the BUSM Executive Committee on January 15, 2019.]