Medical Students

Compliance Requirements for Registration

Requirements for Registration

  • Boston University requires all students studying on Massachusetts campuses must provide a BU Alert Phone Number
  • In order to comply with the safety regulations of the City of Boston, Boston University requires students studying on Massachusetts campuses to provide a current local address.  Your local address is defined as the address in which you reside while taking classes at Boston University.  View and update your local address on the Student Link, Personal Tab,  Address and Phone Option.
  • Boston University requires all students to Settle their Financial Obligation each semester.
  • Massachusetts law requires that all full-time and many part-time students be immunized against a number of diseases in order to attend a university in the Commonwealth.
  • The Massachusetts Motor Vehicle Law requires that all out-of-state students sign an acknowledgement that they have been informed of the law.(Compliance required in the Fall semester only)

Check the Student Link to ensure you have met these requirements. Students not in compliance will be unable to register for future semesters.

Student Financial Obligation

Boston University policy requires the withholding of all credits, educational services, issuance of transcripts, and certifications of academic records from any person whose financial obligations to the University (any delinquent obligation including Student Accounts, Loans, deferred payments and/or liability for damages) are due and/or unpaid. If any overdue obligation is referred either to the University Collection Department or to an outside agency or attorney for collection efforts and/or legal suit, the debt is increased to cover all reasonable costs of collection, including collection agency, attorneys’ fees, and court costs. By registering for any class in the University, each student accepts and agrees to be bound by the foregoing University policy as applied to any preexisting or future obligation to the University.

Boston University reserves the right to make changes to any of the information printed in the Office of the University Registrar’s Web Site.

Ordering a Transcript

Boston University follows the guidelines of the American Association of Collegiate Registrars and Admissions Officers, which states that an official university transcript reflects all of the academic coursework completed at the institution.

Transcripts provide a comprehensive record of a student’s academic progress, including credit for courses that were transferred from other institutions, credit earned by examination, and degrees earned at Boston University. The grades for courses taken at other institutions are not listed on your Boston University transcript.  In order to obtain this information, contact the institution that offered these courses. Both undergraduate and graduate records are included on a transcript. Transcripts cannot be separated to exclusively display either undergraduate or graduate work.

Transcript Request Form