Educational Standards Subcommittee (ESS)

The Educational Standards Subcommittee (ESS) is one of the MEC’s standing subcommittees. The ESS is responsible for:

  • ensuring effective monitoring of the medical education program’s compliance with accreditation standards.
  • communicating any updates to LCME standards/elements to appropriate committees and offices.
  • developing recommendations and timelines for correction of identified deficiencies. The Associate Dean of Medical Education will modify as necessary and identify who will be responsible for carrying out the recommendations so as to ensure that specified corrections are made and that the resulting outcomes are evaluated.

Committee Members

The ESS is comprised of the Associate Dean of Medical Education, the Assistant Deans of Medical Education, the Administrative Manager of Medical Education, and faculty invited by the Associate Dean. Prior to a scheduled LCME Site Visit, the LCME Leadership Team shall serve as members.

Chair: Priya Garg, MD
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