7/10/19 LCME Update

I am delighted to share the news that we have received a full, eight-year accreditation from the LCME. We received no citations, but we must monitor our academic and learning environments, as well as continue to address student debt and student health services.

Many thanks to all who participated in this four-year process, particularly Dr. Debbie Vaughan, who directed the process; Dr. Tom Moore, who chaired the faculty self study; co-chairs of the Independent Student Analysis, Kathryn Ivy, MD, BUSM‘19 (now an internal medicine resident at Vanderbilt), Aditya Mithal, MD-PhD candidate, BUSM‘23, Nikita Saxena, MD, BUSM‘18 (now a pediatric resident at BMC/Boston Children’s); and the 220 faculty, staff and students who prepped and met with the site visitors.

Thank you for the work all of you do every day to make BUSM the best place to learn, teach and discover.