2/6/19 LCME Update

Our LCME accreditation site visit takes place in three weeks, Feb. 24-27. The LCME accredits medical schools every eight years and sends a team of five senior faculty who, in 21 sessions, meet with more than 220 participants including selected deans, chairs, administrators, faculty, and students. Based on the team’s findings, the LCME evaluates our policies and procedures compared to the 12 LCME standards and 93 elements, and determines if we are in compliance.

During the four years leading up to this site visit, hundreds of BUSM faculty, staff, and students have participated in the self-study process with careful updating of our strategic plan, policies and procedures, and educational programs. Other key areas include the following:

Appropriate Treatment of Students – BUSM has zero tolerance for mistreatment in the learning environment, defined as behaviors that harm or offend an individual or group of students and interferes with their learning. We have addressed student mistreatment by:

  • Enhancing communication to increase student awareness of what constitutes inappropriate behavior and the confidential processes for reporting.
  • Adding ATM performance to the annual faculty review process.
  • Holding discussions and meetings with Clinical Chairs, BMC Nursing and Residency Leadership to develop a collegial culture that supports all of our learners, faculty, and staff.
  • Adding specific questions on the professionalism of faculty, residents, and staff to student-required course and clerkship evaluations.
  • Enhancing communication to students regarding the outcomes of issues that they have reported.
  • Meetings of the Associate Deans for Medical Education and Student Affairs with clerkship students to reinforce our zero-tolerance policy, encourage reporting, and provide further transparency regarding ATM activities.
  • Requiring all faculty, staff, and students to complete the mandatory BU sexual harassment training, with additional modules for leadership roles.

Also, BUSM has established a Learning Environment and Professionalism (LEAP) Consortium with Boston Medical Center (BMC), chaired by Assistant Dean for Clinical Affairs Jeffrey Schneider, MD, to:

  •  Ensure the quality of learning across classrooms, labs, and clinics;
  • Recommend ways to improve the learning environment to department chairs, associate deans, and clinical sites; and
  • Issue quarterly reports to the BUSM community and clinical affiliates on actions taken, trends in outcomes, and assessment of the consortium’s progress.

Student Mental Health and Well-being – BUSM is committed to the health and well-being of our students. We have modified policies to better communicate excused absences for acute and preventive care and health maintenance across the four years. In collaboration with students, Student Affairs has created multiple activities to address student wellness.

Relaxation and Study Space – The School is committed to providing increased opportunities for relaxation and study space for our students. We have created a new lounge on the fourth floor of the A Building and an app designed to inform students of available study space in the medical school. Renovations are nearing completion of the library’s 13th floor and Hiebert Lounge.

My continued thanks to all the students, faculty, and staff who have been involved in our accreditation preparation. For more detailed information, visit our LCME accreditation website.