Mission & Vision


We see Boston University as a diverse, rich, safe culture where each individual is allowed to be themselves and make original contributions.


To serve as the dean’s advocate for diversity, equity, and inclusion on the Medical Campus for students, staff, and faculty on their journeys in education, research, and service.


Recruit, support, and promote a diverse student body, faculty, and staff  by collaborating with other offices, departments, and individuals across Boston University, the Boston community, and the field of medicine.


  • Develop and support DI policies and practices, share best practices, and identify DI resources campus-wide.
  • Recruit a diverse student body and increase equity in medicine.
  • Ensure a safe, inclusive, and equitable learning environment.
  • Ensure a curriculum inclusive of all populations, actively address healthcare disparities, and use pedagogical best practices with specific references to how students best learn.
  • Recruit, support, and promote a diverse and talented faculty committed to the mission of the Chobanian & Avedisian School of Medicine.
  • Eliminate barriers to opportunities in research, education, and the delivery of healthcare for all.

We believe:

“What we must do is create an environment where no one is advantaged or disadvantaged, an environment where “we” is everyone.”—R. Roosevelt Thomas, Jr., From Affirmative Action to Affirming Diversity