John Polk, MD, Assistant Dean


John Polk, MD


Office of Student Affairs

Academic Rank and Title

Assistant Dean


As we celebrate the 50th anniversity of the freedom riders, I am reminded that I am an African American male born in segrated Mississippi with formative years in the 50’s and 60’s. Fortunately, I was raised in a family with strong moral and ethical convictions and understood the value and power of education in the development of the individual and society. I was raised to pursue excellence, value differences, and be compassionate towards others.

Outlook on Diversity

Member of the Group on Diversity and Inclusion(GDI) of the American Association of Medical Colleges (AAMC).As we learned fron healthy biosystems we live in a diverse and rich society, Diversity has become the norm. The goal is to identify and address the challenges presented by this new and robust environment of Diversity and Inclusion for the purpose of enabling us to excell as an institution based on our unique position, mission, and institution charge.

Academic Interests

As a Chemist by undergraduate training my interest have evolved over my career from basic science research, to clinical research,to my current interest of how indivuals learn particularly when faced with chalenges. I am currently enrolled in a Masters of Education Program concentrating on Policy, Planning, and Administration with a minor concentration in Literacy.

Extracurricular Activities

I define my extracurricular life as a husband, father, grandfather, and sailor.