Diversity Advisory Group


Established in 2016, the Diversity Advisory Group is composed of individuals of diverse backgrounds from the three schools on the BUMC campus, as well as the hospital. The purpose of the Advisory Group is to serve as a bi-directional communication channel between the Diversity Offices in each of the three schools, and their respective diversity-related domains. The group serves as a sounding board to discuss diversity-related matters on campus, and to provide balanced guidance in this space.

In addition to the Deans in the Diversity & Inclusion Office, please feel free to communicate with any of the members of the Advisory Group listed below regarding your thoughts and/or suggestions regarding diversity-related matters on campus.



Yachana Kataria       



Yachana Kataria, PhD, DABCC, FADLM





Jana Mulkern, EdD


Ali Guerzami, MD, PhD, MSc


Joseph Zaia    Joseph Zaia, PhD


    Vincent Smith, MD


Marisol Lopez    Marisol Lopez, PhD


    Ezra Cohen, MD