Career Planning

Planning My Career

Career and Specialty Exploration

For many medical students, choosing a specialty and a career path in medicine seems like a daunting task. Advisors are an important resource throughout your four years at BUSM, as they can help you discuss your potential career interests as well as share insights about their professional journey.

Additionally, the 3rd year Clerkship Directors are available as a resource for you to learn more about a specific specialty and diverse career opportunities. If you are interested in a specialty that is not listed, please check here or email Student Affairs Dean Arvin Garg, MD, MPH, who can connect you to a faculty member in your interested field.

Explore the AAMC Careers in Medicine:

Explore the AAMC Careers in Medicine website. Use your AAMC username and password (same as for the MCAT) to log in. If you have forgotten your username or password, there is an option to retrieve them on the Sign-in screen.

Additional Resources

CV Examples

Letters of Recommendation: Students may request a Dean’s Letter of Recommendation from the Student Affairs Deans for scholarship applications, applications or nominations to national student organization positions, research programs etc.