Frequently Asked Questions

Student Wellbeing FAQs

Is the behavioral medicine clinic on BUMC related to Student Health Services (SHS) on the Charles River Campus (CRC)? 

Yes. The BUMC clinic in the Solomon Carter Fuller Building is a satellite clinic of Student Health Services’ Behavioral Medicine clinic on CRC. For more information on resources available to students and how to make an appointment, please visit Behavioral Medicine.

If I do not have the school health insurance (Aetna Student Health), will my visits to the clinic appear on my outside health insurance bill? 

You are not charged for visits to the clinic or for other services at SHS.  You may incur charges for point-of-care testing, labs, immunizations and durable medical equipment, which will be billed directly to your student account.

What is the length of care at the clinic? 

The clinic provides short-term treatment. If you need ongoing care or specialized care, you will be connected to a clinician in the community who best fits your needs and takes your insurance. SHS’s referral coordinator is available to help streamline this process.

Can I receive new prescriptions for medications if I need them? Is it possible to get refills for preexisting prescriptions? 

Yes and yes. Your Behavioral Medicine provider can write and/or refill your prescription(s) as necessary, as long as you are under their care.  Prescriptions for stimulant medication will only be provided if a student has received neuropsychological testing within the past three years that confirms a diagnosis of ADD/ADHD.

Can I use the services and resources available to students on the undergraduate campus? What about confidentiality when I use these services? 

Medical students are free to use any service available to undergraduate students. All records of your visits to SHS on both campuses are confidential and cannot be seen or accessed by anyone except your providers. SHS is committed to maintaining the confidentiality of all patient health information in accordance with all applicable federal and state laws.

Will my visits appear on my academic or official records? 

No. Your health records are strictly confidential. Health information will never appear on your academic or official school records.

Are SHS’s behavioral medicine providers also attendings, staff, and faculty with whom I may  while on rotation? Are my medical and behavioral health records accessible at BMC?  

No. The clinic is staffed by clinicians who are NOT attendings, staff, and faculty at BUSM/BMC.  No one at BUSM/BMC has access to SHS’s behavioral medicine records.

Do I have to report behavioral health care received when applying for licensing?

This is a complicated question. There are some instances when disclosure will be required. Please make an appointment with an OSA dean if you have questions or call Physician Health Services

If I choose to be seen at BMC for any health care service, how can I ensure confidentiality of my chart?

See Policy for Separation of Academic/Physician Roles in the Provision of Health Treatment

In addition, you can and should request that a special lock be placed on your chart by calling BMC’s Privacy Officer (Nickie Braxton, MPH, CHC;; 617-638-7987)

Should I still establish a relationship with a primary care provider? 

You are still strongly encouraged to have a primary care provider. BMC and surrounding community health centers are easily accessible. The primary care triage requirement is waived for medical students, meaning that a first appointment can be for an urgent visit. This is different from the guideline for other patients and will help ensure you will be seen in a timely manner.