MRI Scanning Cores

Boston University School of Medicine has three Magnetic Resonance Imaging Scanners dedicated for research use: 1) an 11.7T Vertical Bore Bruker Magnet, 2) a 22cm 4.7T Bruker Magnet, and 3) a 3T Philips Whole Body (60 cm) Achieva Scanner.   This collection of scanners is available to meet the needs of researchers throughout the greater Boston area.

Ronald J. Killiany, Ph.D is administratively responsible for all three of these devices.  Scanning time on the 11.7T and 3T devices can be scheduled using the Cores Equipment Scheduler (CES). For new users of the Cores Equipment Scheduler click here. Please check the specific device website for pricing.

11.7T Vertical Bore Bruker Magnet

11.7T Vertical Bore Bruker Magnet
11.7T Vertical Bore Bruker Magnet

The highest field strength device is 11.7T and was donated to the university by the Whitaker Foundation back in 2000. This device was recently upgraded to a full digital console through the efforts of Dr. Hamilton.  It is located on the third floor of 650 Albany Street.  It is the ideal scanner for using with mice and tissue samples.  Dr. Hamilton is responsible of the day-to-day operations of this scanner 11.7T vertical bore Bruker Magnet.


4.7T Bruker Magnet
4.7T Bruker Magnet

The 4.7T scanner is located with the National Emerging Infectious Diseases Laboratory. Once this laboratory become fully operational, this scanner will be available for use by investigators conducting their studies within this facility.  Through the use of large and small gradient inserts, this device can be used with a wide range of animals or tissue samples.


3T Philips Whole Body (60 cm) Achieva Scanner

3T scanner 50 percenet
3T Philips Whole Body (60 cm) Achieva Scanner

The 3T Philips Achieva scanner is located at the Center for Biomedical Imaging in the basement of 650 Albany Street. This device was installed in 2003 and underwent an upgrade to a dual gradient Achieva system in 2009 through an NIH shared instrumentation grant to Drs. Kim and Killiany.  This “Quasar dual gradient” enables a choice of two amplitude/slew rate combinations: peak amplitude 40 mT/m, slew rate 200 mT/m/ms or peak amplitude 80 mT/m, slew rate 100 mT/m/ms.  This is the ideal scanner for use with large animals or humans.  Dr. Killiany is responsible for the day-to-day operations of this 3T Philips Whole Body (60 cm) Achieva Scanner.



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