Wendy K. Mariner, JD, LLM, MPH

Edward R. Utley Professor, Center for Health Law, Ethics & Human Rights

Wendy Mariner
(617) 638-4626
715 Albany St Talbot Building


Professor Mariner is the Edward R. Utley Professor of Health Law at Boston University School of Public Health, Professor in the Center for Health Law, Ethics & Human Rights at Boston University School of Public Health, Professor of Law at Boston University School of Law, Professor of Medicine at Boston University School of Medicine, and Co-Director of the J.D.-M.P.H. joint degree program. Professor Mariner’s research focuses on laws governing health risks, including social and personal responsibility for risk creation, health insurance systems, implementation of the Affordable Care Act, ERISA, health information privacy, and population health policy. She has published more than 100 articles in the legal, medical and health policy literature on public health law, patients and consumers’ rights, health care reform, insurance benefits and regulation, AIDS policy, immunization, research with human beings, and reproductive rights, and co-authored two editions of the law school textbook, PUBLIC HEALTH LAW (Ken Wing, Wendy Mariner, George Annas & Dan Strouse, 2007) and PUBLIC HEALTH LAW, SECOND EDITION (with George J. Annas, 2014). She also serves as Program Chair of the Program in Health Law & Human Rights, a joint project with the Public Health Regulations Analysis Center of the National School of Public Health of the New University of Lisbon. She is a member of the governing Council of the American Bar Association’s Section of Civil Rights and Social Justice and the ABA Special Committee on Bioethics and the Law. Professor Mariner has served on state, national, and international boards and commissions, including the Massachusetts Health Facilities Appeals Board, the Massachusetts Health Care Quality and Cost Council Advisory Committee, the Massachusetts Health Information Technology Council Advisory Committee; the National Institutes of Health AIDS Advisory Committee, the Committee for the International Ethical Guidelines for Biomedical Research Involving Human Subjects, the Executive Board of the American Public Health Association, and Institute of Medicine committees. Her university activities have included serving as Chair of the Boston University Faculty Council and ex officio member of the Trustees of Boston University, Co-Director of Regulatory Knowledge and Research Ethics of Boston University’s Clinical and Translational Science Institute, and member of the Boston University Task Force on Diversity and Inclusion. She was the American Journal of Public Health’s Contributing Editor for Health Law and Ethics and currently serves on the editorial boards of Journal of Health Politics, Policy & Law, the Journal of Law, Medicine & Ethics, and the Human Rights and the Global Economy. With health law colleagues, she has submitted amicus curiae briefs to the Supreme Court of the United States in cases involving health law issues, including the constitutionality of the Affordable Care Act.

Other Positions

  • Professor, General Internal Medicine, Medicine, Boston University School of Medicine


  • Harvard University, MPH
  • New York University School of Law, LLM
  • Wellesley College, BA
  • Columbia University, JD


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  • Published on 7/15/2015

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  • Published on 4/2/2015

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