Ryan D. Niederkohr, MD

Clinical Assistant Professor, Radiology

Ryan Niederkohr
700 Lawrence Expy, 1st Floor Dept 120


I earned my undergraduate degree from the University of Notre Dame and my Medical Degree from The Ohio State University (2003). I then completed my postgraduate nuclear medicine training at Stanford, where I had the opportunity to learn from world-renowned leaders and researchers in nuclear medicine and radiology. I joined Kaiser Permanente Santa Clara in 2008.

My medical interests lie in the domain of diagnostic imaging: specifically, the clinical applications of molecular imaging. My primary interest is PET/CT imaging, a powerful imaging tool which provides functional and anatomic data in a single exam. PET/CT has revolutionized the practice of oncology and will continue to do so as new molecular imaging agents become available. I love that my job involves antimatter and allows me to work with cutting-edge technology. I also enjoy working closely with my clinical colleagues in medical oncology, surgery, and radiation oncology to ensure that PET studies are performed and interpreted in a way that optimizes the care of our members with cancer.

As a nuclear medicine physician, I am also experienced in other aspects of nuclear imaging including SPECT/CT imaging, cardiovascular imaging (including cardiac stress testing and myocardial perfusion imaging) and therapeutic nuclear medicine including radioactive iodine treatment of thyroid disease (hyperthyroidism and thyroid cancer) and radioimmunotherapy for lymphoma. I am also trained and certified to perform and interpret cardiovascular CT/CTA.

I currently serve as Chief of the Department of Nuclear Medicine at Santa Clara.

I am proud to hold leadership roles in the Society of Nuclear Medicine and Molecular Imaging (SNMMI). I have been a Board Member of the SNMMI PET Center of Excellence since 2009 and have served as chairman of the SNMMI PET Quality and Reporting Taskforce since 2012. I have presented invited lectures on nuclear medicine and PET/CT at national and international conferences, have published multiple peer-reviewed journal articles, and serve as a reviewer for several medical journals.

Other Positions

  • Kaiser Permanente Santa Clara Medical Center


  • Ohio State University, MD
  • University of Notre Dame, BS


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  • Published on 11/14/2013

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    Read at: PubMed
  • Published on 8/1/2013

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  • Published on 4/10/2013

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