Michael Perloff, MD, PhD

Assistant Professor, Neurology

75 E. Newton St Collamore Building


  • University of Massachusetts Medical School, MD
  • Tufts University School of Medicine, PhD
  • Pennsylvania State University, BS


  • Published on 6/22/2017

    Perloff MD, Patel NS, Kase CS, Oza AU, Voetsch B, Romero JR. Cerebellar stroke presenting with isolated dizziness: Brain MRI in 136 patients. Am J Emerg Med. 2017 Nov; 35(11):1724-1729. PMID: 28687453.

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  • Published on 2/14/2017

    Macone AE, Perloff MD. Triptans and migraine: advances in use, administration, formulation, and development. Expert Opin Pharmacother. 2017 Mar; 18(4):387-397. PMID: 28129702.

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  • Published on 2/1/2017

    Barrette KF, Perloff MD. Physical Medicine and Rehabilitation: The Changing Landscape of Residency and Career. Am J Phys Med Rehabil. 2017 Feb; 96(2):131-132. PMID: 27386807.

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  • Published on 5/6/2016

    Kassavetis P, Joseph JM, Francois R, Perloff MD, Berkowitz AL. Zika virus-associated Guillain-Barré syndrome variant in Haiti. Neurology. 2016 Jul 19; 87(3):336-7. PMID: 27164708.

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  • Published on 2/1/2016

    Savino AK, Perloff MD. Epidural Glucocorticoid Injections for Spinal Stenosis, Interlaminal at the Worst Level. Pain Med. 2016 Feb; 17(2):373-4. PMID: 26893463.

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  • Published on 1/1/2016

    Fiorito-Torres F, Murphy DN, Perloff MD. No Pain, No Pigment. Am J Phys Med Rehabil. 2016 Jan; 95(1):e9. PMID: 26368838.

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  • Published on 1/1/2016

    Perloff MD, Berlin RK, Gillette M, Petersile MJ, Kurowski D. Gabapentin in Headache Disorders: What Is the Evidence? Pain Med. 2016 Jan; 17(1):162-71. PMID: 26398728.

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  • Published on 10/22/2015

    Berlin RK, Butler PM, Perloff MD. Gabapentin Therapy in Psychiatric Disorders: A Systematic Review. Prim Care Companion CNS Disord. 2015; 17(5). PMID: 26835178.

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  • Published on 4/1/2015

    Perloff MD. Practical considerations in opioid use for brain neoplasm. Continuum (Minneap Minn). 2015 Apr; 21(2 Neuro-oncology):480-6. PMID: 25837908.

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  • Published on 8/8/2014

    Perloff MD, Lee S. 25% cluster. Cephalalgia. 2015 Jun; 35(7):635. PMID: 25106662.

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