Jennifer Ann Moye, PhD

Adjunct Professor, Psychiatry

Jennifer Moye


Professor Moye earned her PhD from University of Minnesota, MN, in clinical psychology. She is broadly interested in the older patient’s adaption to medical illness at the intersection of clinical implementation, biomedical ethics, and healthcare policy.
Her recent work in the area of Mental Health Treatment in Multi-Morbid Geriatric Patients focuses on cancer survivors. With colleagues, Prof. Moye has investigated the unique role of combat PTSD in moderating depression and anxiety after cancer. She has translated this research to practice via used implementing a mental health treatment program for cancer survivors and an electronic medical record “wellness plan” to link providers in post-treatment care. She is also interested in Late Life PTSD.
Across these activities, her goals are to support patient centered care; improve patient-clinician communication; and enhance policies and processes of care within healthcare and health law.

Other Positions

  • VA Boston Healthcare System - Brockton


  • University of Minnesota, PhD


  • Published on 7/1/2022

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    Read at: PubMed
  • Published on 6/22/2022

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    Read at: PubMed
  • Published on 5/22/2022

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    Read at: PubMed
  • Published on 5/19/2022

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    Read at: PubMed
  • Published on 5/1/2022

    Moye J. Enhancing Behavioral Health Assessment of Older Adults. Clin Gerontol. 2022 May-Jun; 45(3):437-440. PMID: 35603713.

    Read at: PubMed
  • Published on 4/29/2022

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    Read at: PubMed
  • Published on 4/21/2022

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    Read at: PubMed
  • Published on 4/20/2022

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  • Published on 3/1/2022

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    Read at: PubMed
  • Published on 1/24/2022

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    Read at: PubMed

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