BUSM’s COVID-19 Response

Advancing the Science, Prevention and Treatment of Contagious Diseases:
Boston University National Emerging Infectious Diseases Laboratories

One of two national biocontainment labs in the United States, the Boston University National Emerging Infectious Diseases Laboratories (NEIDL, “needle”) opened in 2012 to advance the science of emerging, potentially devastating pathogens such as SARS-CoV-2, the Ebola virus, H1N1 and mosquito-borne viral diseases.

In early 2020, as the rapidly spreading coronavirus was recognized as a global pandemic, NEIDL investigators put all research activities on hold to focus on SARS-CoV-2, the pathogen causing COVID-19. The NEIDL is a key partner in the recently created Massachusetts Consortium on Pathogen Readiness, a group of top nonprofit and biotech scientists partnering with scientists in China.

By investigating COVID-19 pathogenesis, diagnostics, treatments and vaccines, NEIDL researchers have also been developing innovative approaches, technologies and protocols that can be applied to help understand many other emerging infectious diseases, both current and future.

BUSM COVID-19 Updates and Webinars:

4/13/2020 BUSM Update Webinar:

4/7/2020 BUSM Virtual Town Hall:

BU Webinar featuring Ronald Corley, PhD, BUSM Professor and Chair of Microbiology, Director of the National Emerging Infectious Diseases Laboratories (NEIDL):
Confronting a “Four-month-old-virus”: our SARS-CoV-2 Experience

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