Assistant Dean for Research 

BUSM is searching for an Assistant Dean for Research (ADR) dedicated to facilitating, monitoring, and evaluating research experiences for medical students with the goal of expanding and enhancing student research opportunities at BUSM.

The ADR will:

  • Report to the Associate Dean for Research,
  • Collaborate with the Medical Education, the Enrichment, and Student Affairs Offices.,
  • Optimize existing resources, and
  • Develop new resources, programs, and a core curriculum for medical-student research.


1.      Work in collaboration to coordinate the activity of established BUSM research program teams.

2.      Identify and recruit appropriate faculty research mentors for students, including faculty skilled in clinical research.

3.      Facilitate student’s involvement with available research programs both for short term or summer research experiences and over the course of their medical education.

4.      Create a core research curriculum for enrichment weeks in collaboration with the medical education office.

5.      With the Associate Dean for Research, facilitate access to BUSM core facilities and services such as access to the Applied Bioinformatics and Data Science Core.

6.      Meet 1:1 with students over the course of their research project to evaluate progress, mentor, and advise regarding clinical and basic research.

7.      Create faculty development activities to increase the number and preparation of faculty mentors.

8.      Create clear expectations for faculty mentors and students for hypothesis development, proposal writing, responsible conduct, data management, manuscript writing, presentation skills, methodology, database utilization.

9.      Facilitate and track student publications.

10.  Report annually:

  • The number of students with scholarly dissemination of their research;
  • Results of student satisfaction surveys of the programs curriculum and workshops;
  • Results of faculty satisfaction surveys of faculty development workshops and research opportunities; and
  • The number of active mentors and faculty performance in research mentoring activities.


  • Associate Professor rank or higher.
  • A strong record of publications, independent research funding, and mentoring of medical students.
  • Excellent communication and management skills.
  • Ability to work independently on multiple complex projects simultaneously while continuing their own independent academic activities.
  • Skills to work with investigators from a wide variety of biomedical disciplines.

Please send a CV with a cover letter noting your qualifications and interest in the position to Associate Dean for Research Andrew Taylor by June 1, 2021.