Send Manuscript Galleys, Funding Announcements to Communications Office

Dear Faculty,

Please remember that promoting your research increases the visibility of your work and that of BUSM. Please continue to send all galleys or proofs of accepted, unpublished manuscripts of research studies to Maria Ober ( or Gina DiGravio ( in the Communications Office. Please alert them when you are awarded major new grant funding.

Work that already has been published, though interesting, is not considered as newsworthy by reporters if they receive the information after the study has appeared in publication.

Also, when sending the information prior to publication, Communications can work with you (and often the publisher) to design a strategic communications plan to maximize visibility. When a publication indicates that your work is embargoed, it is referring to outside press. The embargo does not apply to speaking with Communications; please work with them.

This strategy has proven remarkably effective in increasing press citations of our work resulting in many Boston Globe, NY Times and Wall Street Journal articles as well as two Time magazine covers. Communications has extensive experience in publicizing the research of our faculty and respects all embargoes imposed by journals.

If you have any questions, contact Maria at 358-7869 or Gina at 358-7838.