Dr. Cheryl McSweeney Named Distinguished Faculty of the Month for March

The Faculty Affairs Office is pleased to announce that Cheryl McSweeney, MD, MPH, is the Distinguished Faculty of the Month for March.

A member of the BUSM faculty since 2003, Dr. McSweeney is an assistant professor of family medicine and director for Essentials of Public Health course. Over the few years Dr. McSweeney has been the course director, evaluations have progressively improved and in this past year, the percentage of students responding that the quality of their educational experience in this course was good to excellent increased for each of the course’s three modules. She also is a family physician at the East Boston Neighborhood Health Center, caring for many of the same patients and families since she started there in 2003.

Dr. McSweeney completed her undergraduate degree at MIT in brain and cognitive sciences, her MD from The Ohio State University College of Medicine and a residency in family medicine at the University of Massachusetts, Worcester.

Dr. McSweeney has developed creative educational group sessions and projects that make the course material meaningful and interesting to students. This past year she worked with SPH to create a shared educational experience for medical students and SPH students on vaping which was very well received.

The nomination states:

 “Dr. McSweeney is a kind, compassionate, and thoughtful educator. She cares deeply about her students and is a wonderful role model.”