A Night at the Museum

Members of the BUSM community gathered across town at the Museum of Science on Thursday, Nov. 21, for an evening of anatomy, physiology and health.

“The BODY WORLDS exhibit provided an opportunity for our medical and graduate students, as well as faculty, to see and better learn anatomy,” said Dean Antman.

Samantha Calderazzo, ’23,  said, “[Going through the exhibit] definitely helped because there’s so many different perspectives on display, like cutting things in half and peeling things away to get an inside look. We know everything on that body – I could name everything!”

“It was nice to take a step back and appreciate it again. I came when I was younger, and I couldn’t appreciate all this before. You realize how much you’ve actually learned,” said Rohan Shetty, ’23.

“It was particularly meaningful, especially after we dissected our cadaver, because we know how much work goes into that, and we know what to appreciate now,” said Joyce Lee, ’23.

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