Giving New Meaning to One BU

Running in Boston isn’t out of the ordinary – we have the views, the weather and of course, the Boston Marathon.

Each year, thousands of runners compete the 26.2 mile course, all for different reasons.

For Questrom and CAS student Julia Lindsay, running her first marathon has a little more significance than just completing the course; she will be running to raise money for Chronic Traumatic Encephalopathy (CTE) research.

“I’m running to help support the research being done at BU’s CTE Center that will one day  protect athletes, military personnel and everyday individuals from the long-term consequences of brain trauma.”

A Vancouver, Canada, native, Ms. Lindsay has been active in sports her whole life. She received her first concussion at age 10 after getting knocked off a horse and landing on her head. Throughout middle school, she noticed constant headaches and short-term memory loss. In high school, she played field hockey and was hit in the head with a ball during a short corner penalty.

“I woke up at the hospital with a black eye, three fractures on my orbital bone and a concussion. When I asked the doctor how many days until I could start playing sports again, he told me I’d be lucky to be able to play recreationally the following year,” said Ms. Lindsay, who is a Dean’s List student pursuing a dual degree in Finance and Economics. With just one hit, she had to completely change her lifestyle and put plans of playing collegiate field hockey on hold. She needed to figure out a way to stay active, so she began running.

“My dad ran the Boston Marathon in 2014, the year after the bombing, and I joined him in Boston to cheer him on. It was my first time visiting Boston and I absolutely fell in love with the city. I didn’t think I would end up in Boston for college at that point but made a promise to my dad that I would one day run the Boston Marathon.”

Although she is a Charles River Campus student, she recognizes the importance of what is happening on the Medical Campus.

“BU’s CTE Center is one of the most profound research centers in the world for finding a prevention and treatment for the long-term effects of brain injuries and concussions. Their collaboration with the Concussion Legacy Foundation and the VA Boston Healthcare System allows them to conduct studies on diagnosing CTE and provide support to those coping with the effects and symptoms of brain injuries,” said Ms. Lindsay.

All funds raised by Ms. Lindsay’s CrowdRise will be donated directly towards brain injury prevention and research at BU’s  CTE Center. She is hoping to spread awareness to BU alumni, students, faculty and staff.