Match Day 2018: Oh, The Places You’ll Go!

For some it feels like they are moving in slow motion video and for others it’s as if everything is moving at warp speed. At noon on the third Friday in March, the hard work of the past four years culminated when 142 BUSM fourth-year students each opened a plain white envelope. Noon was the bewitching hour and with one tick of the clock on the wall in Hiebert Lounge, the Class of 2018 learned which residency program they will be attending and where they will spend the next three to seven years of their lives.

COM 2018 Match

“Your class has matched all over the US from Maine to California. We are delighted that we will be keeping 20 of you who matched to BMC and three more who will join us in our combined BMC-Boston Children’s Hospital pediatric residency, said BUSM Dean Karen Antman, MD. See the Facebook album.

While BUSM students matched in residencies across the country, nearly one third are staying in Massachusetts (45), with California (22) and New York (17) as the next most popular states. The class matched in a range of programs – 43 chose primary care specialties, which includes family medicine, internal medicine and pediatrics, followed by emergency medicine (13), surgery (11), radiology (10), neurology (10) and OB/GYN (7).

“Match Day is one of, if not the most, exciting days for a medical student. It’s exciting to start med school and get your white coat; it’s exciting to learn new skills, to start clinical rotations, and to realize ‘I can really do this,’ said Associate Dean for Student Affairs Angela Jackson. But Match Day is the culmination of all the ‘other’ exciting days of medical school. It’s a celebration of all of the years of hard work, of hard choices, of hard won personal growth. It’s a celebration of the tremendous joy of caring for people and of the path ahead.

This is the big reveal of the ‘What’s Next?’ Where will your journey take you and your classmates next? All of the hard work has paid off and the BUSM Class of 2018 is ready for the next chapter. Enjoy this day. You’ve all earned it. Congratulations!”

class 2018 hastag-crp-cheersMatch Day festivities included a student awards ceremony.  Learn more.