Disagreeing on Difficult Issues: Sexual Harassment


Monday, March 19
4:30-6 p.m. (Doors open at 4 p.m.)
Instructional Building, Hiebert Lounge

In divisive times, it is more important than ever to provide spaces where complex and competing ideas can be discussed in the context of civility and respect. We believe that having such conversations is possible if we can affirm the dignity of all participants and accommodate the possibility of conflict. This discussion series, “Disagreeing on Difficult Issues,” is meant to help create a space for these discussions on our campus.

Partners include Emelia Benjamin, Assistant Provost for Faculty Development, BUMC; Yvette Cozier, Assistant Dean for Diversity and Inclusion, BUSPH; and Rafael Ortega, Associate Dean for Diversity and Multicultural Affairs, BUSM.

COM-Rivers_Caryl Speaker
Caryl Rivers, Professor of Journalism, College of Communication
COM-Kenn-Elmore Moderator
Kenneth Elmore, Associate Provost and Dean of Students

Livestreaming Available During Event