Jean Ramsey Receives 2016 EnergEYES Award

Jean Ramsey, MD, center, surrounded by Young Ophthalmologists (YO) Committee Members Purnima Patel, MD, Committee chair; Grace Sun, MD, International Subcommittee chair; Janice Law, MD, Committee member; and Tamara Fountain, MD, secretary for member services.

Jean E. Ramsey, MD, MPH, Associate Dean for Alumni Affairs  and Associate Professor of Ophthalmology and Pediatrics, recently received the 2016 EngergEYES Award for her tireless advocacy and dedication to pediatric eye care. Ramsey also serves as Associate Dean for Alumni Affairs.

The award given by American Academy of Ophthalmology was created in 2009 and honors an individual who demonstrates exemplary leadership skills and energizes others to improve eye health.

Ramsey’s accomplishments include:

  • Working with the Massachusetts Society of Eye Physicians and Surgeons to develop a mandatory pediatric vision bill that allows all children in the state to receive proper vision screening and follow-up eye examinations
  • Organizing symposia and workshops at meetings throughout the country to provide pediatric ophthalmologists with the tools to be successful advocates
  • Providing legislative briefings on children’s eye care bills on Capitol Hill

“Advocacy has been such an important part of my professional life,” Ramsey said. “I see it as another important tool to help my patients and a way to make a positive impact on those families that are beyond my immediate clinical practice — and that’s very rewarding.”