Faculty-Student Mixer Spreads Holiday Cheer

The inaugural BUSM Faculty-Student Mixer was held Wednesday, Dec. 7. Sponsored by the Student Committee on Medical School Affairs (SCOMSA), the event was an opportunity for students to mix and mingle with faculty and each other, and it proved to be a festive night buzzing with music, laughter and gratitude.

SCOMSA prompted the student-voted awards as a testament to the exceptional faculty who teach, guide and mentor throughout the year.

From left to right: Douglas Hughes, MD; Richard Hoyt, PhD; Karen Symes, PhD; Jarrett Rushmore, PhD; and John Otis, PhD.

This year’s recipients:

The Extra Miler Award | Jarrett Rushmore, PhD
Given to a faculty member who goes the extra mile for students inside and outside the classroom.

The Challenger Award | John Otis, PhD
Awarded to a faculty member who inspires and challenges students to be exceptional members of the classroom and community.

The Advocate Award | Douglas Hughes, MD
Given to a faculty member who diligently inquires about the interests of the students and makes them known to the administration.

The Illustrator Award | Richard Hoyt, PhD
Awarded to a faculty member who goes above and beyond to visually depict concepts in order to enhance students’ learning experiences.

The Unsung Hero Award | Karen Symes, PhD
Created to recognize a faculty member who has made substantive contributions (that have been thus far unrecognized) to the general well-being of students.

Thank you to those who attended and congratulations to this year’s winners! To view photos from the event, visit our Facebook album.