Students Raise $10K to Support Programs for At-Risk Kids

Sixteen BUSM students participated in the 26th Annual Rodman Ride for Kids held Sept. 24 to raise funds to support at-risk kids in Massachusetts.  Team BUSM raised more than $10K and included first-, second- and third-year students as riders and one virtual participant. In addition to the money raised by the students, Rodman for Kids will contribute an additional five percent to the BUSM Pediatric Interest Group.

COM Rodman

The ride begins and ends in Foxboro, approximately 30 miles from the Medical Campus.  The students rented a U-Haul trailer to transport their bikes from the Campus to the starting line.

“Their leadership is really incredible and I want everyone to be aware of their fundraising efforts and commitment and dedication to this campus and our Pediatric Department,” said Pediatrics Chief and Chair Robert Vinci, MD.

Those efforts are continuing here at BUSM with riders individually raising money, as well as one more schoolwide event in October that will be open to all students. Proceeds will support Pediatric medical education, service learning initiatives, and activities of the Pediatric Interest Group, whose leaders are Courtney Verscaj, Rebecca Webb and Nina Gummadi. They were joined by Anita Knopov who led the group last year.

See more pictures on Facebook.  Learn more about the PEDS Interest Group at their Blog.