2014 BUSM Student Award Recipients Announced

The 2014 BU School of Medicine Student Awards were presented on Friday, March 21 by leaders and faculty who have been instrumental in students’ successful experiences at BUSM. “Please join me in congratulating these deserving students for their hard work and accomplishments,” said BUSM Associate Dean, Student Affairs Angela Jackson.

Alumni Association Award Alan Hoang
Neil Datta
American Academy of Neurology Medical Student Award Fay Gao
 Henry J. Bakst Award in Community Medicine Katrina Weed
Boston Medical Center Student Prize Lindsey Storer
Geoffrey Boughton Award Chad Farris
Joseph Cochin Award in Pharmacology and Medical Ethics Rebecca Burke
Contribution to BUSM Community Award Kristin Schwarz
 Sidney Cooperband Award Amelia Baker
 Dr. John Dittmer and Dr. Linda Wright Award for Excellence in Teaching Anthony Esposito
 Kenneth C. Edelin Prize in Obstetrics and Gynecology Samantha Fernandes
 Richard J. Elkort Memorial Award Vincent Storie
Excellence in Pediatrics Award Gayatri Boddupalli
Family Medicine Leadership Award Jonathan Lichkus
Family Medicine Research Award Kirsten Lyman
Excellence in Public Health Award* Sandra Valenciano
 Robert G. Feldman, MD Prize in Neurology Kaylyn Duerfeldt
 Christopher G. Gaposchkin Prize Fund Rima Rindler
 Thomas T. Gilbert, MD Award for Excellence in Family Medicine Amelia Baker
 Anthony L.F. Gorman Prize in Physiology Pat Whitworth
 Leonard and Julius Gottlieb Prize in Pathology Education Edelva Williams
Internal Medicine Award Evan Shalen
Lauren Collins
Lindsey Warner
 The Masakichi and Mitsuko Itabashi Award (Oncology) Amelia Baker
 Dr. David R. Iverson Student  Award Katrina Weed
 Ruth Hunter Johnson Prize Kristen Guilford
Julie Prize Fund in Nutrition Sandra Valenciano
William Kahn  and Albert Kahn Award David Robinson
Malamud Prize Emily Holick
Massachusetts Medical Society Scholarship Jamie Sparling
Alec Peniche
Kaylyn Duerfeldt
Lauren Collins
 William F. McNary, Jr. Award from the Class of 1991 Jennifer Newcomb
Medical School Student Prize Stephanie Feldman
 Pauline Millstein Family Fund Award Joshua August
 Anne and David Mishel Cancer Research Award Jacob Shin
 Peter J. Mozden, MD Cancer Award Danielle Salazar
 John M. Murray Prize Layna Glenn
New England Pediatric Society Award Jonathan Gall
 John F. O’Connor, M.D. Radiology Award Lindsey Storer
 Peter E. Pochi, MD Award for Excellence in Dermatology Joyce Wang
Timothy Pollard Humanism Award in Family Medicine Anna Jack
Caroline Mullin
 Dr. Samuel and Helen Poplack Student Award Adil Yunis
 Stephen R. Preblud, MD Memorial Award for Pediatrics Kristina Brumme
Melanie Gelfand
Kristin Schwarz
 Diana Radkowski Award Marissa Schwartz
 David Rothbaum, MD Award in Obstetrics and Gynecology Esther Han
 Dora Savenor Memorial Prize for Excellence in Surgery Nicole Croteau
 Eli Shapiro Award (Established by the Dept. of Medicine) Jared Walsh
 Robert Slater, MD Prize in Anesthesiology Claudia Sotillo
Society of Academic Emergency Medicine’s Excellence in Emergency Medicine Award Michael Hwang
 Edward L. Spatz, MD Award for Excellence in Neurosurgery Rima Rindler
Raed Moustafa
Brian Curry
 Benjamin Tenney Prize in Obstetrics and Gynecology Erin Krizman
Sarah Lambeth
 The Leonard Tow Humanism in Medicine Student Award Raagini Jawa
 Dean Eleanor Tyler Memorial Award Tejaswi Kompala
Joyce Wang
 The Wein Student Research Award Praveen Sridhar