July 8 2015 Faculty meeting information


Faculty Meeting Agenda, Wednesday, July 8 2015, Pathology & Laboratory Medicine

12:00PM– 1:00PM Location 107/108, 670 Albany (first floor)


Noon – 12:10 (10 minutes) Changes resulting from surveys/town hall meetings – Daniel Remick

The faculty participated in two extensive surveys, several individual meetings and a town hall meeting to discuss multiple issues. Most of our meeting today will focus the future and recent initiatives, with presentations by the faculty leading these efforts. Since we are talking about moving forward, it is appropriate to briefly review the accomplishments and changes that have been made:

  • Finances: The monthly financial statements are being forwarded to all faculty. Twice per year there will be a summary overview of the Department’s financial status.
  • Promotions: The issue about promotions has been discussed during the annual evaluations, and the information from the medical school’s promotions committee has been forwarded. If there are additional questions please arrange a time to meet with me individually.
  • Compensation: The Department voted on a compensation plan, and effective July 1, 2015, virtually all faculty will be in compliance. More specifically, the salary and bonus will be result in the faculty being paid at the median compensation within seven years of initial appointment or promotion.
  • Bonus: The Mallory practice plan has completed the year in a positive financial status. Bonuses will be paid in September after the financial statements have been audited. Unfortunately, there are no funds available to provide a bonus this year to the non-FPF faculty.
  • Department Governance: Each committee specifically includes at least one Assistant Professor.
  • Additional faculty member: Our most recent recruit has decided to stay in her current position, and the other top two candidates accepted jobs back in February. As part of the strategic planning process we will review the Department’s needs and plan accordingly.
  • Communication: Several steps have been taken to improve communications
    • Reiteration of the University’s expectations for promotion
    • Forwarding financial information about the Department and the Hospital on a monthly basis
    • Bi-annual aggregated financial information
    • Additional one-on-one meetings for individualized feedback
    • Clear compensation policy tied to the academic mission of the Department
    • We should determine the format to provide feedback from students and residents?


12:10 – 12:35 (25 minutes) Education initiatives

  • PA 810 The Business of Science – Daniel Remick for Deborah Stearns-Kurosawa
  • PA 910 Human Biospecimens for Research – Ivanna Delalle
  • Master’s of Arts in Pathology – Chris Andry
  • Offsite Immunology course – Jacqueline Sharon
  • University of Damman – David Kindelberger, Joel Henderson, Nancy Miller
  • Residency education – Joel Henderson


12:35 – 12:40 Status of outreach efforts – Daniel Remick

Lemuel Shattuck Hospital – Huihong Xu

Weymouth endoscopy – Michael O’Brien

Brigham and Women’s – Ivana Delalle

Cyprus – to be determined


12:40 – 12:45 (5 minutes) Molecular testing revenue – Gail Whitney

With the departure of the Center for Human Genetics we made a decision to expand our molecular testing, rather than send out the specimens. From July 2014 – June 2015, there was a net loss of approximately $53,000.00. This loss was due to the pre-purchase of supplies and a delay in bringing a test on board. For the next year we anticipate that there will be a positive balance of $73,000.00. We are aggressively expanding our molecular testing to improve patient care by offering better service at the same price.


12:45 – 1:00 (15 minutes) Strategic planning – Daniel Remick