BNORC Small Grants Program

The Center’s small grants program has been discontinued as of June 2022.  Please contact Donna Gibson ( with any questions.

BNORC Small Grant Recipients

(periodically updated)

Adipose Tissue Biology and Nutrient Metabolism Core
Investigator Project Title
Matthew Layne Role of ACLP in Adipocyte Determination and Fibrosis
Alice Lichenstein Tissue Inflammation in the Ossabaw Pig and Human Adipose Tissue
Barbara Nikolajczyk Does salt drive a human immune profile in a mouse model of obesity?
Cafer Ozdemir Regulation of Egr1 translation in human adipocytes
Rucha Patel Biosynthetic Regulation of a novel class of lipids with anti-diabetic and anti-inflammatory effects
Richard Taylor Pickering Adipose tissue fibrosis, liver stiffness, and circulating markers of collagen metabolism
Kristy Townsend Investigation of the neural innervation of adipose depots
Yan Zhu Novel mechanism linking Retinol-Binding Protein 4 to insulin resistance
Epidemiology and Genetics Core
Investigator Project Title
Ying Bao Obesity, physical activity and gastric and esophageal cancers
Rachel Bleiweiss-Sande An investigation of the role of processed foods in Children’s Health
Paulette Chandler Body weight and physical activity at time of cancer diagnosis and all-cause mortality
Mengxi Du Ultra-Processed Food Consumption and Obesity Risk in Children and Adolescents: A Prospective Cohort Study
Meghan Garvey The Associations between Bone Health, Physical Activity, and Body Composition
Arielle Korn Validating a novel multi-method survey to assess Stakeholder-driven Community Diffusion of childhood obesity prevention efforts
Lynn Moore Yogurt, Blood pressure and Cardiovascular Risk in Three Prospective Cohorts
Mercedes Sotos Prieto Feeding America’s Bravest: Mediterranean Diet-Based Interventions to change Firefighters’ Eating Habits and Improve Cardiovascular Risk Profiles
Deirdre Tobias Lifestyle Modifications from Menarche to First Pregnancy and Risk of Breast Cancer
Functional Genomics and Bioinformatics Core
Investigator Project Title
Z. Gordon Jiang Single-cell driven spatial transcriptomics of nonalcoholic and alcoholic fatty liver disease
Benjamin Kugler identification of Transcriptomic Changes in Dynamin Related Protein1 Depleted Obese Human Myotubes
Jennifer Lee Molecular Basis for Enteroendocrine Cell Dysfunction in Type 2 Diabetes
Libin Liu Adipocyte cellular lifespan turnover
Mary-Elizabeth Patti Dissecting Epigenetic Mechanisms Responsible for Heptic Glucotoxicity
Guilio Romeo Profiling of allopurinol-dependent transcriptome in obesity
Anna Santoro Genes important for the metabolism of novel anti-diabetic and anti-inflammatory lipids
Francesca Seta Role of Bcl11b in Vascular Function
Ismail Syed A Novel Class of Mammalian Lipids as Potential Therapeutic Agents to Prevent Type 1 Diabetes and Promote beta-cell Survival
Andrew Wilson Elucidation of Thyroid Hormone Signaling Mechanisms in Human Tissue
Kai Zou Identification of Novel Transcriptomic Changes in Human Myotubes following Roux-en-Y gastic Bypass Surgery
Transgenic Core
Investigator Project Title
Sandeep Datta Probing the Molecular Mechanisms of Lipid Detection
Young-Bum Kim Generarion of a mouse model carrying a homozygous mutation of human ROCK1 gene using the Cas9-CRISPR system
Dong Kong A Novel Method to Use CRISPR to Generate Conditional Gene-targeted Mice
Dong Kong Use NgAgo Endonuclease System to Generate Gene-targeted Mice
Matthew Layne Generation of a novel transgenic mouse line for studying adipose tissue fibrosis
Pavlos Pissios Conditional deletion of nicotinamide N-methyltransferase
Susana Rovira-Llopis Study of the mechanisms involved in exercise-induced adipokine secretion by generation of a CRISPR transgenic mouse

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