Administrative Core

Boston Medical Center
Boston University School of Medicine

The Administrative Core provides administrative support and direction to all of the participating institutions and Center members. These services include financial management, payment requests, policy development and data management.


  • Management of financial activity of the various components of the Center, including budget development and financial reporting.
  • Coordination of the Pilot & Feasibility program.
  • Maintenance of mailing list including email distribution lists.
  • Distribution of correspondence related to Center activities.
  • Coordination of educational enrichment activities.
  • Liaison with NIH/NIDDK regarding Center policies including preparation and submission of annual progress reports.

Whole Body iDXA scans – fees:

BNORC Members – within
Boston Med. Ctr.: $50
BNORC Members – external: $65
Non-Members – within Boston Med. Ctr.: $80 Non-Members – external: $95

(Note: Fees may vary for customized scans.)


Andrew S. Greenberg, MD

Valentina Perissi, Ph.D.
(as of June 1, 2021)


Donna Gibson