New Publication from Center Members Dr. Melanie Schorr Haines, Dr. Laura Dichtel and Karen Miller

New Publication from Center Members Dr. Melanie Schorr Haines and Dr. Laura Dichtel. See below for publication information and click here to read the article. Haines MS, Dichtel LE, Santoso K, Torriani M, Miller KK, Bredella MA. Association between muscle mass and insulin sensitivity independent of detrimental adipose depots in young adults with overweight/obesity. International […]

Partitioning of MLX-Family Transcription Factors to Lipid Droplets Regulates Metabolic Gene Expression

Source: ScienceDirect Lipid droplets (LDs) store lipids for energy and are central to cellular lipid homeostasis. The mechanisms coordinating lipid storage in LDs with cellular metabolism are unclear but relevant to obesity-related diseases. Here we utilized genome-wide screening to identify genes that modulate lipid storage in macrophages, a cell type involved in metabolic diseases. Among […]