MedGLO Award for Excellence in Equality

The MedGLO Award for Excellence in Equality accepts nominations of Faculty and Staff of Boston University School of Medicine and Boston Medical Center in recognition of their work towards LGBT inclusion and forward-thinking policies.

Social change requires courage and leadership in the face of historic and endemic barriers. We have seen BUSM at the forefront of equality at the national level of medical education. MedGLO hopes to highlight and thank members of our community who have supported and advanced changes in various areas including BUSM curricula, institutional and administrative policies, as well as BMC LGBT health policy.

Within the last few years, BUMC saw one of its first openly gay and married Professors, first openly gay Assistant and Associate Dean, its first march in the Boston Pride Parade with the official BUSM banner, growing inclusion of LGBT health in its medical curricula, and involvement in the admissions process and the first ever published Out and Ally List.

Over the course of the year, recommendations may be submitted to the MedGLO Co-Chairs from all members of the BUSM community including students, alumni, faculty, and staff. A committee comprised of the Co-Chairs, the Faculty Advisor, and a current student member of MedGLO will review nominations in the spring and present the winner with the Award at the Annual MedGLO Fall Dinner. The committee reserves the right to not give the award every year.

To be eligible, the nominee(s) must

  • have held a full-time continuing position at BUSM/BMC for no less than two years or
    is an alumnus/alumna of BUSM.
  • not be on sabbatical or leave of absence
  • not be a previous winner of the Award for Excellence in Equality
  • have worked towards significant progress for the LGBT community, which may include
    such things as curricula reform, institutional policy changes, research in LGBT
    health, commitment to LGBT healthcare.
  • A group or multiple nominees may be submitted and awarded during a year.

The deadline for nominations is in May.

Letters of recommendation should be sent to: and a copy sent to one of the Co-Chairs of MedGLO

With the Subject Heading “Nomination: MedGLO Award for Excellence in Equality”

2012 MedGLO Recipients

hughesDean Douglas H. Hughes

As Assistant Dean of the Office of Diversity and Multicultural Affairs as well as the previous MedGLO Faculty Adviser, Dr. Hughes has been a leader at BUSM on LGBT issues and for equality. He continues to be a strong role model and advocate for all students as Associate Dean of Academic Affairs. MedGLO’s growth within the BUSM community owes itself entirely to his support and encouragement. Dr. Hughes has been a standard bearer in our community. We recognize that opportunities now available to us have been made possible by the work of our professor, our dean, Dr. Hughes.



ortegaDean Rafael A. Ortega

MedGLO recognizes Dr. Ortega for his work towards Excellence in Equality. Under his tenure as Associate Dean of the Office of Diversity and Multicultural Affairs, BUSM has been at the forefront as a campus that supports and promotes a vibrant culture for its students, faculty and staff. MedGLO, as the LGBT student group, could not exist without the support of the administration. Dr. Ortega has worked hard to cultivate a sense of community and inclusion for all students at our institution. We recognize these changes are both historic and profound.

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