Caroline Apovian, MD

Dr. ApovianName

Caroline Apovian


Endocrinology, Diabetes and Nutrition (Medicine)

Academic Rank and Title

Professor of Medicine and Pediatrics


I grew up in Fort Lee, New Jersey with an Italian mother from Bologna, Italy and a father who is an Armenian American. I trained in classical ballet and piano but gave most of the arts up when I went to medical school and residency training. I did my fellowship at Harvard in Nutrition and Metabolism and then went to start a clinic for weight management in rural Pennsylvania. Upon returning to Boston, I eventually found a place at BU and built a clinical and research program in Nutrition and Obesity Medicine. In addition to that, I found that there was a strong Armenia presence here at BU starting with the former Dean, Dr Aram Chobanian. The connection to the Medical School in Yerevan Armenia was evident and I soon traveled to Armenia to be part of the reciprocal activities. I have been at BU School of Medicine and BMC since 2000.

Outlook on Diversity

Diversity is a breath of fresh air and the uniqueness that is the individual person with respect to outlook on life, medicine, and especially the arts. It is the ability to think and move and feel outside of the box. Everyone is influenced by each other there is no doubt but to take from your own personal experience and make the combinations your own is what diversity is all about.

Academic Interests

My academic interests lie in the field of Obesity Medicine and Nutrition. My mother is a self – taught nutrition specialist and she was ahead of her time. She influenced me regarding Natural and Whole foods, and to be wary of processing. I now do research in obesity, adipose tissue metabolism, exercise and dietary patterns. Inflammation and what regulates fat tissue to produce inflammatory markers and what alters that inflammation is what the basis of my research is, and various treatments for obesity and what alters inflammation in treatment of obesity and diabetes.

Extracurricular Activities

I have interests in the arts – specifically music, and I am a part of the BUMC band, where I primarily do vocals. I also play piano and guitar, and perform vocals with other bands in the Boston area and also on the West Coast when I am there.

I do a lot of sports, mainly triathlons and skiing. I am on the BU Masters Swim Team, and compete in several triathlons per year.

I have two sons, John age 10, and Philip age 8, both of whom play ice hockey all year round here in New England.
I speak Italian and French and have many relatives living in Italy, in the Bologna area.