Arts Outreach Initiative



A general sense of transformation is installed in the core of the Arts. Models and structures are questioned and replaced at the speed of light. In this global climate of uncertainty, it is inevitable to realize that coming generations of artists will have the responsibility to formulate concrete answers on meaning, values and form for the Arts. Their successful professional development will most likely depend on their capacity to edify a meaningful role in society: performing and working in community – serving a vast diversity of audiences – being at home in traditional and non-traditional performing settings – professionally able to command the complex aspect of intrinsic and instrumental values of the Arts.


Through an unprecedented partnership between the Boston University Medical Campus and the College of Fine Arts, establish an experimental inter-community outreach initiative, to identify, develop and implement opportunities to build productive relationships between artistic creativity and health care practice. During its initial experimental phase, the program aims to develop a model that could faithfully represent the unique reality of both the CFA and the Medical Campus.


· Increase the presence of the Arts in society by demonstrating its multifaceted applicability.
· Articulate an outreach initiative as a chance for students to broaden their artistic competences,
creative entrepreneurship, expressive skills and artistic vision.
·Advance interdisciplinary dialogue building new productive relationships between the Arts and
the health care practice.
· Provide a meaningful expressive outlet for at-risk populations.


Arts Outreach Initiative
Boston University School of Medicine
Office of Diversity and Multicultural Affairs
72 East Concord Street, Office A-205
Moisès Fernández Via, Arts Outreach Researcher and Coordinator