Community-Based Participatory Research (CBPR)

Community-Based Participatory Research (CBPR) is a type of research that includes members of the lay community throughout the entire research process.  Community members work with academic researchers to select research topics, design studies, analyze results, publicize the results, and sometimes also work as formal members of the research team.  CBPR empowers communities by giving them an equal voice in the research that will affect their communities.

By involving communities at a fundamental level, CBPR presents a unique set of challenges.  These challenges arise both in the way researchers interact with community as well as research regulations that apply to this type of research. 

To assist our researchers who would like to learn more about CBPR, we provide a link to this very excellent overview that was prepared by researchers at the University of Utah (pdf).  In addition, two of our own experienced CBPR researchers, Madeleine Scammel (SPH) and Brenda Heaton (GSDM), wrote an article about some of the regulatory challenges that CBPR investigators should be aware of in our Clinical Research Times  newsletter (CR Times article).  Investigators can also arrange individual consultations to discuss CBPR by contacting our Clinical Research Resources Office (617-638-8876).

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