Interpreter Services for Research

We can provide interpreter services for your research using a dial-up service. BMC has positioned multiple telephones dedicated for this purpose at many in-patient and out-patient areas. A list of these locations can be found below. You can also use your own telephone, assuming that it allows both the researcher and the research subject to be on the line simultaneously. When using a dedicated interpreter phone, follow the instructions on the phone to connect to the service. If you are using your own phone, call BMC Interpreter Services to be connected (if you are calling between 8:30 AM and 5:00 PM, dial 617-414-5549; at other times, page the interpreter on call (beeper 6042) and ask him/her to connect you to the telephone service).

Once connected, the interpreter will ask you your name, your department, and the subject’s medical record number (some research subjects are not registered at BMC and don’t have BMC numbers–just explain this to the interpreter). They will then ask if this interpretation is for a research project. When you say “yes”, they will ask you for the name of the principal investigator and the IRB protocol number (it starts with H and is listed on the top of the consent form). You can then proceed with the subject interview.

This service is available both for the consenting process and for follow up visits. The cost of the service is $1.00 per minute.

If you need a witness either for the consent process or for the any other subject session, you can use the interpreter’s identification number in place of a formal signature.

Location of Interpreter Phones
Menino East Newton
Department Locations Department Locations
2 East O.R. 6 North ENC
3 East Menino 7 East ENC
3 West Menino 3 7 North ENC
4 West Menino 4 8 East ENC
6 W enc Best Program Fuller 5
6 West+East Cardiovascular Preston 4
7  West HAC Cardiovascular, Preston 4
721 Mass Av Project Trust CT ENC
722 Mass Av Project Trust Customer Service Amb Ground 85 EC
ACC5 Oral Dental Dermatology DOB
Antenatal, ACC4 Diabetes Preston 2
Birth Certificate Menino behind inf desk DOB 4 Specialties
Birth Certificate DOB 503 Primary
Breast Imaging, Mkly,1 Moakley DOB 505 Primary
Central Administrator Yawkey ACCRoom MN-02 DOB 508 Primary
Dental Clinic ACC5 ENC 6 N, W
Dermatology ACC2 ENC 7 W, N, E
Endoscopy Menino 2 ER ENC ER
Endoscopy Menino 2 Eye clinic DOB10
ENT Moakly suite 1400 Foot Care Preston 2
ER Menino ER Triage H2 ENC
H2 H2
ER Menino ER Triage Front Desk Neurology DOB6
ER Menino Pedi Triage Neusurgery DOB7
ER Newton ER Triage Nuclear Medicine Atrium 1st
Eye clinic ACC2
Family Med ACC2 OB/GYN DOB11
FCC ACC4 Ortho DOB 8
Free Care ACC Ortho DOB, 805
Geriatrics ACC2 PACU ENC H3
Hematology Pre-admitting DOB7
ID Dowling G ID PT Preston 1
ID clininc HAC PT Preston 1
Radiology East Newton
Labor and delivery NICU Radiology ENC, Hysterosalpingogram (HSG)
Maternity 3 West Registration ENC
Medical Legal Partnership for Children, formerly Family Advocacy 91 East Concord, 6F Rehab Med Preston 2
Menino Sleep Lab Robinson 3
Moakley Registration (PAS) Special Proc ENC Atrium
Moakley, Breast Health Pg Special Proc ENC Atrium
Moakley, GI Urology DOB 606
Multispecialty Moakley 2 Urology DOB6
Nuclear Medicine Moakley 1 Women’s Health Preston 3
Ortho ACC3 Preston 1 Rehab
PACU Menino 2
Pedi Eye ACC2
Pedi Primary ACC5
Pediatric 4 E
Pediatric Specialties HAC acc5
Pharmacy Hac
PICU 4 East
Primary T1 ACC3
Primary T2 ACC3
Primary T3 ACC3
Primary T4 ACC3
Psychiatry Dowling 7
Psychiatry Dowling 8, 9
PT 7 West
Radiation Menino
Radiology ACC3
Radiology CT-Menino 1 floor
Radiology Menino MRI
Radiology Harrison
Radiology Mkly Basement
Radiology Mkly Basement
Radiology Menino Pavilion
Registration HAC ED
Surg Clinic Hac Surgical Clinic
Surg Spe ACC4
Surgery Depat Dowling 2 South
TB Clinic ACC3
TB Clinic ACC3
Urgent Care
Urgent Care Room1
Urgent Care Room10
Urgent Care Room2
Urgent Care Room3
Urgent Care Room4
Urgent Care Room9
Yawkey 3 3C-09