Past Seminars

Seminar Date Seminar Title & Speaker (s) Slide PDFs and Available Videos
11/4/2015 The BMC Clinical Data Warehouse — Lots of Answers…What’s the Question? Linda Rosen, MSEE Slides Video Podcast
10/14/15 New INSPIR Application Going LIVE on October 17th: Your Chance for a Sneak Peek! John Ennever, MD, PhD Video Podcast
9/30/2015  Standard Operating Procesures (SOPs) in the Clinical Research Setting Mary-Tara Roth, RN, MSN, MPH Slides Video Podcast
6/10/2015  Data and Safety Monitoring for Clinical Trials (DSMBs, DMCs): Principles, Operations, Personal Experiences Theodore Colton, Sc.D. Slides Video Podcast
5/13/2015 First Looks — The New INSPIR Application John F. Ennever, MD, PhD Slides Video Podcast
4/8/2015 The Distinction of Quality Improvement (QI) Activities from Research: When is My Project Considered Research and What Steps Do I Take for IRB Review and Approval? James M. Moses, MD, MPH Slides Video Podcast
3/11/2015 Clinical Trials Registration Requirements: What You Should Know about Emily Ouellette, JD Slides Video Podcast
2/11/2015 (Mis)conceptions about Therapeutic Misconception Susan S. Fish, PharmD, MPH Slides Video Podcast
1/14/2015 Chart Review FAQ’s: A Guide for Submission to the BUMC IRB Matthew Ogrodnik, Senior IRB Analyst, BUMC Slides Video Podcast
11/18/2014  Prisoner Data in Clinical Research: Identifying it, Protecting it, and Appropriately Using it Mary Buckley, MPH Slides Video Podcast
10/22/2014  Changes in the IRB Processes – Coming Now and in the Future John Ennever, MD, PhD, and Staff of the IRB Office Slides Video Podcast
9/10/2014 What Would You Do?  (Put Your IRB Hat On!) Mary-Tara Roth, RN, MSN, MPH Mary Banks, RN, BSN Slides
6/25/2014 It Takes a Village: Leading a Complex Clinical Trial Patty Mitchell, RN Slides Video Podcast
5/21/2014 The Basics of Adverse Event Monitoring and Reporting Mary-Tara Roth, RN, MSN, MPH Slides Video Podcast 
4/16/2014 Protecting Human Research Data: How to Make your Laptop, Tablet, and Smart Phone Secure…and bring your device to get it password protected and encrypted! Thomas Moore, MD; Quinn R. Shamblin, CISM, CISSP, ITIL/Former: PMP, GIAC GCFA; Sumit Sehgal, CISSP, CISA; Robert Sprinkle, MS Slides
3/19/2014  Is i2b2 for You?  An Introduction to Health Outcome Monitoring and Research Using the BU-CTSI i2b2 Clinical Data System William G. Adams, MD Video Podcast
2/19/2014  Processing and Negotiating Clinical Trial Agreements Anne Clark, JD Slides Video Podcast
1/15/2014  Using a Clinical Data Warehouse for Research: Key Considerations and Practical Resources at BMC and BUMC Christopher Shanahan, MD, MPH, FACP  Podcast
12/11/2013  Government Grant Opportunities Beyond the RO1: A Primer Maura Harrington, MS Slides Video Podcast
11/25/2013  Globalization of Clinical Trials: Stipulation and Perceptibility Devon Parmar, MD, FCP (US) Slides Video Podcast
10/16/2013 Identifying, Assessing, and Resolving Issues in Social, Behavioral, and Educational Research (SBER) Cynthia Monahan, MBA Slides Video Podcast
9/18/2013 Research Project Meeting Criteria for Exemption: Avoiding Common Pitfalls to Improve Prospects for Successful IRB Review! Mary-Tara Roth, RN, MSN, MPH Slides Video Podcast 
6/19/2013 Data Management: Why You Should Care and What You Should Know Christine E. Chaisson, MPH Slides Video Podcast
5/15/2013 Common Statistical Issues in Biomedical Research Howard Cabral, PhD, MPH Video Podcast Slides
4/12/2013 Emergency Research and the Regs: Why Ignorance is not Bliss James Feldman, MD, MPH, FACEP, CIP Slides
3/20/2013 Data and Tissue Repositories, Part 2 Mary Banks, RN, BSN Slides Video
2/20/2013 Data and Tissue Repositories, Part 1 Patricia A. Bass, JD, MPH Slides Video
1/16/2013 Community Based Participatory Research: Training Community Workers to Engage in Research Brenda Heaton, PhD, MPH Slides Video
12/19/2012 Child Abuse Reporting Requirements in the Research Context Robert Sege, MD, PhD Slides Video
11/14/2012 Recruiting Subjects: How the ReSPECT Registry and StudyFinder Can Help Farrah Belizaire, BS; R. Joshua Reynolds, BM; Mary-Tara Roth, RN, MSN, MPH Slides Video
10/17/2012 The BMC Clinical Data Warehouse: An Overview of the Possibilities for Research Using the Clinical Data Warehouse Linda Rosen, MSEE Slides Video
9/19/2012 Getting Conflicts: An Overview of the Changes in Conflict of Interest Regulation and How It Affects Your Research Jodi R. Edelstein, JD Slides Video
6/20/2012 The BUMC Research Occupational Health Program at BU/BMC Thomas Winters, MD, FACOEM and Sandra Reno, RN No Slides Video
5/16/2012 Clinical Trials: Budgeting and Billing Ellen Jamieson, MS, MBA and Alex Hui, BA Slides Video
4/18/2012 Understanding and Complying with NIH Public Access Policy Young-Joo Lee, MIS Slides Video
3/21/2012 Responsible Conduct of Research (RCR) Instruction on Authorship: What, Why, How Susan Frey, MAT, JD Slides
2/15/2012 The Certificate of Confidentiality: One Research Team’s Experience Christine Baugh, BA No Slides Video
1/18/2012 Responsible Conduct of Research (RCR): What all Researchers Need to Know Susan Frey, MAT, JD Slides
12/21/2011 Addressing Intimate Partner Violence in the Health Care Setting: Implications for Research Joanne Timmons, MPH Slides Video
11/16/2011 Unique Challenges in Obtaining Valid Samples in Internet Research Wendy Coster, PhD, OTR/L, FAOTA and Amy Rubin, PhD No Slides Video
10/19/2011 The Grant Creation Process: 10 Easy Steps to Coordinating and Completing a Federal Grant for your PI Maura Harrington, MIIM Slides Video
9/21/2011 Can Migration Studies Help us Understand Asthma in Children Doug Brugge, JD No Slides Video
6/15/2011 Minimizing Variability in Trials that Use Clinician Assessed Endpoints Harry Barnett, JD Slides Video
5/18/2011 Help your Subjects Understand your  Study Michale Passsche-Orlow, MD, MA, MPH No Slides Video
4/20/2011 Community Engagement in Research Ester Shapiro, JD Slides Video
3/16/2011 BU/BMC Recruitment Basics Kimberly Russell-Lucas, MPH, CCRP Slides Video
2/16/2011 Writing Grants: Human Subjects Protection and DSMPs Maura Harrington, MIIM Slides Video
1/19/2011 Preparation for an FDA Inspection: Clinical Research Sites Michelle Noe, MBA, RD Slides upon request
12/15/2010 Rules of Engagement: Collaborating with Non BU/BMC Investigators Mary Banks, RN, BSN Slides Video
11/17/2010 Informed Consent in Clinical Research: Fantasy, Illusion or Reality? James Hyde Slides Video
10/20/2010 Recruitment, Retention and Reporting Issues in an International Longitudinal Study James Burns, ScD No Slides
9/15/2010 Collecting Genes and Informed Consent: Lessons from the Havasupai, Berkeley, 23&Me, and the Minnesota State Fair George J. Annas, JD, MPH No Slides Video
6/16/2010 DSMBs and Research Study Stopping Rules Theodore Colton, ScD Slides Video
5/19/2010 Recruitment and the CRRO Registry Kimberly Russell, MPH, CCRP No Slides Video
4/21/2010 Approaches to Qualitative Research Sharlene Hesse-Bieber, PhD Slides Video
3/17/2010 Focusing on Focus Groups Lee Strunin, PhD No Slides
2/17/2010 Successful Recruitment of Older Research Participants: Lessons from the Harvard Cooperative Program on Aging Marcie Becker Freeman, MEd Slides
1/20/2010 Research with Immigrant Populations Alex Pirie, BA Slides Video
12/16/2009 Liability and Compensation Issues in Research Wendy Mariner, JD, MPH Video
11/18/2009 A Town Hall Meeting with IDS HyeSeon Hong, PharmD Slides Video
10/21/2009 Is it Ethical to Conduct Research on Subjects who Cannot Consent? The Conundrum of Research with Children and Incompetent Individuals Leonard Glantz, JD Video
9/16/2009 FDA Regulation: Don’t Drown in the Regulatory Sea? Patricia Bass, JD, MPH Slides Video
6/17/2009 Developing Budgets for Research Projects with a Focus on Phase 3 Clinical Trials Olivera Vragovic, MBA Slides
5/20/2009 Just Because You Can’t Count It Doesn’t Mean it Doesn’t Count: Good Research with Qualitative Data Don Allensworth-Davies, MSc and Jenniffer Leyson, MA Slides
4/15/2009 Investigator Responsibilities and First-time INDs: Two Accounts of the Process Lori Gilmartin, RN, BSN; Hatice Hasturk, DDS, PhD; Carine Lenders, MD Slides 1 Slides 2 Slides 3
3/18/2009 Pitfalls in Survey Research Thomas W. Mangione, PhD Slides
2/18/2009 The Polio Crusade: A Video Documentary on the Polio Vaccine and Discussion of the Ethics of the Largest Public Health Experiment in American History Moderators: Mary-Tara Roth, RN, MSN, MPH and Mary Banks, RN, BSN N/A
1/21/2009 Obedience to Authority: The Milgram Experiment and Its Contemporary Replication – Was it Ethical Then? Is it Ethical Now? Susan S. Fish, PharmD, MPH Slides