Clinical Research Resources Office

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Welcome!  We’re here to help you in your clinical and human research.

The mission of the Clinical Research Resources Office is to facilitate the design and conduct of ethical and scientifically valid clinical and human research by providing a range of services, resources and guidance to support BMC and BU Medical Campus clinical researchers in planning, submitting, conducting and analyzing their research. In fulfilling this mission, the CRRO strives to:

  • Facilitate research by providing guidance and tools that are relevant, focused, accessible, and current.
  • Be responsive to needs of the BMC and BU Medical Campus clinical research community, the needs of research participants, and the changes in regulations and policies guiding human research.
  • Centralize expertise and support for the conduct of human research.
  • Support & enhance the research workforce infrastructure to maximize quality of research.
  • Foster research participant advocacy by promotion of best practices to ensure the safe and ethical conduct of human research.
The Clinical Research Resources Office receives major funding support from the Boston University Clinical & Translational Science Institute (CTSI).  The BU-CTSI is an NIH center of expertise, providing tools, services and resources to clinical investigators, maximizing the impact of discoveries & speeding the translation of research into improved patient care.  Please cite the BU-CTSI grant number in relevant publications (1UL1TR001430).