The BMC/BU Medical Campus Research Professionals Network (RPN)

An important initiative and service of the Clinical & Translational Science Institute is the Research Professionals Network (RPN).  Its overarching goal is to enhance the quality of human/clinical research at the BMC/BU Medical Campus by supporting the professional development of clinical research support staff. Some of the major objectives of the RPN are to:

  • Provide professional development opportunities for research professionals through trainings, workshops, seminars, discussion groups, and other educational events
  • Encourage mentoring and networking amongst research professionals within and outside of the BMC/BU Medical Campus research community
  • Support an effective, efficient system to keep network members up to date on changing policies and regulations
  • Increase awareness and communication of best practices and innovation to promote participant recruitment, retention, and satisfaction
  • Maximize satisfaction and productivity of all members of the research team through sharing of resources

The RPN has a Leadership Committee with representatives from various research roles and major departments and offices at BMC/BU Medical Campus involved in the conduct, support, and regulation of human/clinical research. There will be an annual RPN meeting where members can interact and celebrate successes. An annual RPN member survey provides a dynamic needs assessment and metrics to help plan and evaluate RPN activities.

Membership in the RPN is open to all BMC/BU Medical Campus research personnel involved in coordinating clinical/human subjects research such as research managers, study/clinical/research coordinators, data managers/analysts, and research assistants.  

The goal of the Research Professionals Network is to support the professional development of clinical research staff and enhance the quality of research at BMC/BUMC.

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