Metabolic Phenotyping Core

Welcome to the Metabolic Phenotyping Core (MPC) at Boston University Medical Campus. MPC at Boston University Medical Campus provides experimental testing services to researchers (inside and outside Boston University) studying metabolic diseases in mouse models.

To schedule equipment time or services please use the Cores Equipment Scheduler (CES). For new users click here.

The MPC is able to perform the following services:

  • Measures of key health outcomes such as aging, cancer, disease progression, diet interventions, exercise training, genetic alterations, heart failure, insulin resistance, obesity, and pharmacological interventions
  • Assessment of body composition including fat mass, lean tissue mass, free water, and total body water by non-invasive quantitative magnetic resonance (EchoMRI700)
  • Measurement of basal metabolic rate and spontaneous physical activity using a comprehensive laboratory animal monitoring system (CLAMS consisting of open circuit calorimeter & motion detectors)
  • Assessment of Maximal Aerobic Capacity using progressive treadmill regimens in conjunction with an OXYMAX system (minute-by-minute monitoring of oxygen consumption and carbon dioxide production)
  • Provision of thermoneutral environment chambers (30°C) for mouse studies

Instruments’ Name and Description Location Internal Rate
External Rate
EchoMRI700 for non-invasive body composition measures during longitudinal studies in rodents weighing up to 700 grams W-915 $80/hr $140/hr
Comprehensive Laboratory Animal Monitoring System – CLAMS – for the measurement of spontaneous activity, metabolic rate and fuel utilization for 8 mice W-913 $30/day $60/day
Oxymax with two four-lane Programmable Treadmill for determination of maximal oxygen consumption and caloric expenditure in mice during exercise W-915 $105/hr $158/hr
Thermoneutrality Chambers for mice W-913 $0.42/hr $0.83/hr


Francesca Seta, PhD
Core Director
(617) 358-7814│


650 Albany St., 7th floor, room X720, Boston, Mass.