Data Coordinating Center

The Data Coordinating Center (DCC) at the Boston University School of Public Health has been a data management resource since 1984 and has participated in hundreds of research projects.  DCC staff members have expertise in complex projects including claims data, multi-site randomized trials, international research projects, as well as research consortia. Our philosophy is that close collaboration between data management personnel and clinical team members results in procedural consistency, efficiency of the study-wide systems, and ultimately the highest quality data.

The DCC can handle projects of all sizes. With an experienced team of data managers, web/database programmers, and statistical programmers, we provide data management and procedural consistency to produce the highest quality of data. Please contact us to request for services.


Joseph Palmisano, MA/MPH
Interim Director/Asst. Director, Data Management
Joseph Palmisano
(617) 638-5384

Susan M. Gomes
Assistant Director of the Data Coordinating Center (DCC)
Susan M. Gomes
(617) 638-5010



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Data Coordinating Center
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