Clinical Data Warehouse for Research

The Clinical Data Warehouse (CDW) consolidates patient data from the BMC Electronic Medical Record Systems. Investigators with IRB-approved studies may make requests for data from the CDW. Researchers are not allowed direct access to the CDW. There is a charge for accessing the Data Warehouse for research purposes.  If your protocol has been approved by HIPAA and/or the IRB, then submit your Clinical Data Warehouse Services Request form here.

Linda Rosen, CDW Research Manager, can assist researchers in the development of identified/de-identified datasets, recurring reports, web access to formatted queries and other datasets. Please contact Linda Rosen with questions or a meeting request to discuss your particular data needs.

Linda Rosen
Clinical Data Warehouse Research Manager
Office of Human Research Affairs (OHRA)
Phone (617) 638-7201

Thomas J. Moore, MD
Executive Director, Office of Human Research Affairs
Phone (617) 414-1325