Requesting BU Credentials

A Boston University identity (also known as a kerberos or Active Directory account) is necessary to access all Core resources including logging into instrument workstations and using the on-line scheduling system.  If you are an employee or student of Boston University then you already have a BU account and need only to register it with the Core systems by running WebNew.  If you are an employee of Boston Medical Center, an outside institution, or fall into another category please see below:

Boston Medical Center Staff/Residents/Fellows

or other staff who work at Boston University but are not paid by the University

If you work full-time at either BUMC or the Charles River Campus, but are paid by a different entity such as Boston Medical Center or the National Institutes of Health, then you must apply for BU guest account.  You and your PI (who must have a BU faculty appointment) must complete a guest account application. Once a University ID# (U#) has been assigned you must present your BU or BMC identification card to either Charles River IT or to the Medical Center library where your account will be activated.  Once you have chosen a username and password, you must then associate your account with the Cores by running WebNew. Please note that BMC clinicians with a BU faculty appointment already have BU credentials and need only run WebNew.

External Companies and Institutions

If you work for a company or academic institution that has made appropriate financial arrangements with the Core facilities, you are eligible to obtain a BU guest account.  A Core director must request a guest account for the PI.  Once the PI has BU credentials, they may also in turn request guest account(s) for their staff as needed.  Per University policy, under no circumstances may passwords be shared amongst users. It also the responsibility of the outside PI to notify Core Administration when accounts may be deactivated after personnel have left their institution.

Any user who experiences problems obtaining or activating an account should email