Frequently Asked Questions

What is a funding profile?

A funding profile consists of a funding source and its related billing information.

What forms of payments are accepted?

Boston University source accounts (grant or non-grant), Boston Medical Center activity account, Evans Medical Foundation accounts, external purchase orders, check.

What happens after my funding profile has been approved?

After your funding profile has been approved use the account number(s) provided to you in the approval email to reserve core resources. Give the account number only to the individuals you would like to have charge against your account(s). If you charge against more than one service, make sure billing is to the appropriate source/grant. To make a reservation use the

Core Scheduling System

Does every individual using a funding source need to complete the funding profile form?

No, only the PI or the PI’s Administrator needs to complete the funding profile form and only once.

    How long will it take for my funding source to be processed?

    A valid BU account (i.e. grant or source account) or Boston Medical Center activity account can be processed immediately. Other funding sources will be processed in 1 business day.

    I have multiple funding sources do I need to fill out the form multiple times?

    Yes, you need to fill out the form multiple times. When you go to complete the form for the second time, it will ask if you would like to copy the data from an existing funding profile. This will allow you to copy the data from one funding profile form to another.

    What happens after my account is approved?

    You will receive an email with an account number to use when reserving core resources and a link to the the core scheduling system. You can foward the account number to any individual you want to reserve core resources. Again, make sure Core users know to assign  a charge to the appropriate account if you use more than one.

    How do other people reserve resources using my funding profile?

    After receiving the approval email for your funding profile, you can take the account number provided to you and give it to these individuals. When an individual uses your funding profile for the first time you will receive an email stating that person X is using your account to reserve core resources. If you entered an administrator in your funding profile and checked the option you administrator to access your account. Then they will receive the emails.

    When will I be billed for my core resource usage?

    You will billed 2-4 weeks after your reservation.

    I accidentally missed my reservation, will I be billed for it?

    It depends on the specific core resource and if your reservation prevented other people from using it.

    How will I be notified of when my bill is ready?

    You will be notified by email. Notification will be sent to the email address you supplied in the funding profile. If you supplied a separate email for the administrator they will also receive an email.