Marshall E. Kadin, MD

Professor, Dermatology

Marshall Kadin


Dr. Marshall Kadin is a current Professor of Dermatology at the Boston University School of Medicine. His current research involves investigating the role of cytokines in the pathogenesis of cutaneous T cell lymphomas.

Other Positions

  • Roger Williams Medical Center


  • Northwestern University, MD
  • Northwestern University, BA


  • Published on 1/31/2019

    Kadin ME. What Cytokines Can Tell Us About the Pathogenesis of Breast Implant-Associated Anaplastic Large Cell Lymphoma (BIA-ALCL). Aesthet Surg J. 2019 Jan 31; 39(Supplement_1):S28-S35. PMID: 30715174.

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  • Published on 4/22/2018

    Kadin ME, Morgan J, Xu H, Epstein AL, Sieber D, Hubbard BA, Adams WP, Bacchi CE, Goes JCS, Clemens MW, Medeiros LJ, Miranda RN. IL-13 is produced by tumor cells in breast implant-associated anaplastic large cell lymphoma: implications for pathogenesis. Hum Pathol. 2018 Aug; 78:54-62. PMID: 29689246.

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  • Published on 3/3/2018

    Sun J, Yi S, Qiu L, Fu W, Wang A, Liu F, Wang L, Wang T, Chen H, Wang L, Kadin ME, Tu P, Wang Y. SATB1 Defines a Subtype of Cutaneous CD30+ Lymphoproliferative Disorders Associated with a T-Helper 17 Cytokine Profile. J Invest Dermatol. 2018 Aug; 138(8):1795-1804. PMID: 29510190.

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  • Published on 12/15/2017

    Yi S, Sun J, Qiu L, Fu W, Wang A, Liu X, Yang Y, Kadin ME, Tu P, Wang Y. Dual Role of EZH2 in Cutaneous Anaplastic Large Cell Lymphoma: Promoting Tumor Cell Survival and Regulating Tumor Microenvironment. J Invest Dermatol. 2018 May; 138(5):1126-1136. PMID: 29248547.

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  • Published on 9/1/2017

    Kadin ME, Glicksman CA. Commentary on: Breast Implant-Associated Anaplastic Large-Cell Lymphoma in a Transgender Woman. Aesthet Surg J. 2017 09 01; 37(8):NP88-NP89. PMID: 29036946.

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  • Published on 7/1/2017

    Kadin ME, Morgan J, Xu H, Glicksman CA. CD30+ T Cells in Late Seroma May Not Be Diagnostic of Breast Implant-Associated Anaplastic Large Cell Lymphoma. Aesthet Surg J. 2017 07 01; 37(7):771-775. PMID: 28402493.

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  • Published on 6/5/2017

    Perera LP, Zhang M, Nakagawa M, Petrus MN, Maeda M, Kadin ME, Waldmann TA, Perera PY. Chimeric antigen receptor modified T cells that target chemokine receptor CCR4 as a therapeutic modality for T-cell malignancies. Am J Hematol. 2017 Sep; 92(9):892-901. PMID: 28543380.

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  • Published on 4/18/2017

    Wang X, Dasari S, Nowakowski GS, Lazaridis KN, Wieben ED, Kadin ME, Feldman AL, Boddicker RL. Retinoic acid receptor alpha drives cell cycle progression and is associated with increased sensitivity to retinoids in T-cell lymphoma. Oncotarget. 2017 Apr 18; 8(16):26245-26255. PMID: 28412739.

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  • Published on 3/29/2017

    Chen J, Zhang Y, Petrus MN, Xiao W, Nicolae A, Raffeld M, Pittaluga S, Bamford RN, Nakagawa M, Ouyang ST, Epstein AL, Kadin ME, Del Mistro A, Woessner R, Jaffe ES, Waldmann TA. Cytokine receptor signaling is required for the survival of ALK- anaplastic large cell lymphoma, even in the presence of JAK1/STAT3 mutations. Proc Natl Acad Sci U S A. 2017 04 11; 114(15):3975-3980. PMID: 28356514.

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  • Published on 3/23/2017

    Fan P, Nong L, Sun J, Liu X, Kadin ME, Li T, Tu P, Wang Y. Primary cutaneous anaplastic large cell lymphoma with intralymphatic involvement associated with chronic lymphedema. J Cutan Pathol. 2017 Mar 23. PMID: 28337783.

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