Kelly M Harrington

Assistant Professor, Psychiatry

72 E. Concord St Building A

Other Positions

  • VA Boston Healthcare System


  • Emory University, PhD
  • Emory University, MA
  • Cornell University, BS


  • Published on 4/1/2019

    Harrington KM, Quaden R, Stein MB, Honerlaw JP, Cissell S, Pietrzak RH, Zhao H, Radhakrishnan K, Aslan M, Gaziano JM, Concato J, Gagnon DR, Gelernter J, Cho K. Validation of an Electronic Medical Record-Based Algorithm for Identifying Posttraumatic Stress Disorder in U.S. Veterans. J Trauma Stress. 2019 Apr; 32(2):226-237. PMID: 31009556.

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  • Published on 2/14/2019

    Radhakrishnan K, Aslan M, Harrington KM, Pietrzak RH, Huang G, Muralidhar S, Cho K, Quaden R, Gagnon D, Pyarajan S, Sun N, Zhao H, Gaziano M, Concato J, Stein MB, Gelernter J. Genomics of posttraumatic stress disorder in veterans: Methods and rationale for Veterans Affairs Cooperative Study #575B. Int J Methods Psychiatr Res. 2019 Mar; 28(1):e1767. PMID: 30767326.

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  • Published on 8/31/2016

    Harrington KM, Liang MH, Hannagan K, Thwin SS, Ferguson RE, Morgenstern N, Flores E, Katz IR. Design and conduct of a provider survey to determine a clinically persuasive effect size in planning VA Cooperative Study #590 (Li+). Contemp Clin Trials Commun. 2016 Dec 15; 4:149-154. PMID: 29736478.

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  • Published on 12/1/2013

    Wolf EJ, Harrington KM, Clark SL, Miller MW. Sample Size Requirements for Structural Equation Models: An Evaluation of Power, Bias, and Solution Propriety. Educ Psychol Meas. 2013 Dec; 76(6):913-934. PMID: 25705052.

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  • Published on 5/1/2013

    Wolf EJ, Harrington KM, Reardon AF, Castillo D, Taft CT, Miller MW. A dyadic analysis of the influence of trauma exposure and posttraumatic stress disorder severity on intimate partner aggression. J Trauma Stress. 2013 Jun; 26(3):329-37. PMID: 23636815.

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  • Published on 3/4/2013

    Miller MW, Wolf EJ, Reardon AF, Harrington KM, Ryabchenko K, Castillo D, Freund R, Heyman RE. PTSD and conflict behavior between veterans and their intimate partners. J Anxiety Disord. 2013 Mar; 27(2):240-51. PMID: 23523947.

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  • Published on 4/28/2012

    Casement MD, Harrington KM, Miller MW, Resick PA. Associations between Pittsburgh Sleep Quality Index factors and health outcomes in women with posttraumatic stress disorder. Sleep Med. 2012 Jun; 13(6):752-8. PMID: 22542787.

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  • Published on 2/2/2012

    Harrington KM, Miller MW, Wolf EJ, Reardon AF, Ryabchenko KA, Ofrat S. Attention-deficit/hyperactivity disorder comorbidity in a sample of veterans with posttraumatic stress disorder. Compr Psychiatry. 2012 Aug; 53(6):679-90. PMID: 22305866.

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  • Published on 7/18/2011

    Wolf EJ, Harrington KM, Miller MW. Psychometric properties of the Schedule for Nonadaptive and Adaptive Personality in a PTSD sample. Psychol Assess. 2011 Dec; 23(4):911-24. PMID: 21767029.

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  • Published on 5/16/2011

    Wolf EJ, Miller MW, Harrington KM, Reardon A. Personality-based latent classes of posttraumatic psychopathology: personality disorders and the internalizing/externalizing model. J Abnorm Psychol. 2012 Feb; 121(1):256-62. PMID: 21574669.

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