Award Recipients: Distinguished Faculty of the Month


Below is a list of past recipients of Distinguished Faculty of the Month. Calls for nominations will go out in March, July, September, and December. BUSM Faculty, Staff, and Students can nominate faculty members for this award. If you are interested, please click here for the criteria and the nomination survey.

Distinguished Faculty of the Month Award Winners

Month, Year Awarded

Last Name

First Name


November, 2020 Carter Cullen Surgery
October, 2020 Reffel Angela Medicine & PA Program
September, 2020 Schreiber Barbara Biochemistry
August, 2020 Taylor Jessica Medicine in General Internal Medicine
July, 2020 Hoffman Jodi Pediatrics
June, 2020 Cervantes-Arslanian Anna Neurology
May, 2020 Brahmbhatt Tejal Surgery
April, 2020 Assoumou Sabina Medicine in Infectious Disease
March, 2020 Rowe Susannah Ophthalmology
February, 2020 Brady Stephen GMS: Mental Health Counseling & Behavioral Medicine Program
January, 2020 Moore Tara Anatomy & Neurobiology
December, 2019 Siddiqi Omar Medicine in Cardiovascular Medicine
November, 2019 Borba Christina Psychiatry