Clerkship Curriculum Subcommittee

The Clerkship Curriculum Subcommittee (CCS) is one of the MEC’s standing subcommittees. The CCS is responsible for:

  • implementing the decisions of the MEC
  • integrating the curriculum of the third and fourth years
  • and Integrating the curriculum over all four years with the Preclerkship Curriculum Subcommittee

Committee Members

Please refer to Appendix 3: Standing Subcommittees of the Medical Education Committee of the Boston University School of Medicine Bylaws for committee composition

Chair: Molly Cohen-Osher M.D.
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Student Representatives:

Student Alternates:

Committee Documents

CCS Schedule

  • 2017 (All dates are subject to change)
    • 7/18/2017 (Joint PCS & CCS Meeting)
    • 8/8/2017
    • 9/12/2017
    • 10/10/2017
    • 11/14/2017
    • 12/12/2017